Has anybody watched Making A Murderer on Netflix ?

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  • smiddy

    I watched this 10 part series the other day and I was appalled at the investigation conducted by the police , especially the way they conducted their investigation with Brendan Vassey , his interrogation and obvious manipulation by the police officers , I couldn`t believe he was convicted , and sentenced to a jail term.

    To any intelligent person with any sense of compassion could see Brendan Vassey was intellectually disadvantaged , yet these police officers exploited that failing of this boy .He should never have been convicted , his case should have been thrown out of court , the fact that he has been in jail over 10 years is a gross miscarriage of justice .

    The conviction of Steven Avery seemed to me to be a set up also from what was presented on Netflix ,

    I am no fan of Steven Avery ,I think he is a bit of a hillbilly type , that has had no problem with cruelty to animals , which I abhor ,yet I do think he has been railroaded in this conviction ,while the real killer and rapist goes free .

    What are your thoughts


  • Defianttruth
    I watched it. I think it is time for judicial reform in this country. I would suggest a system that did not protect District Attorneys from retribution. If a DA brings a case forward with insignificant evidence, he or she should be found liable both criminally and civilly. In other words one had better be damn sure before charges are ever brought up. In my mind a 100 criminals should go free before 1 innocent man goes to jail.
  • notsurewheretogo

    Yes I watched it, compelling viewing...a few pieces of info have come out and were missed by the documentary but in essence most agree both are innocent but ALL agree the case was mishandled to the point it was biased.

    The press conference when Kratz said "children should not listen to this" and gave a story of what happened with no proof defies belief and tainted everyone's view.

    What is interesting is Kratz was forced to resign after a sexting scandal and addicton to sex & prescribed drugs.

    I see Kathleen Zellner has picked up Steven's case, she is an expert in wrong convictions and has had 17 overturned. She says the testing they can do in 2016 is far better than what it was in 2005 and it was this testing in 2005 that got him out after 18 years when there was no testing in 1985.

    If they can find EDTA in the blood in the car then case is over and he is free...Brendan should be released now no matter what...

    For me, the way the brother and ex are with this seems well shifty to me...the ex and the brother know the Dassy's, they used to hang out together at school.

  • Billzfan23

    I watched it in its entirety. The conclusion that I drew from it was:

    Brendan Dassey knew about the killing, but I don't think he was involved. I think he was pressured and coerced by the police to give the statement that he did.

    These people were sloppy and had low intelligence. If what supposedly happened in the trailer really happened (the mutulation, rape, murder, torture) - then where's the DNA evidence? Where's the evidence in the garage?

    I suspect that it was still an Avery (probably a family member of Stephen's) that committed the crime. I also believe that the police planted the keys. There was also no explanation for why the woman's body was ever inside of her own car in the first place if the car stayed on that property and was simply moved from the crime scene to be hidden on the lot.

    It was a combination of a crime that was committed by an Avery, but the police also planted additional evidence to make it stick. I don't think anyone will ever know if Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey actually did it or not.

  • PaintedToeNail
    Why don't you watch or read some of the rebuttal from the prosecutors and police? This story was very one sided. Believe it or not, it is difficult to get a conviction in a murder case. Murder clearance rates are only at 64% and that includes numbers where people are known murders but not charged for some reason.
  • DogGone
    Billzfan23, I tend to mostly agree with you, after watching and then reading online. Only, I'm fairly convinced Stephen is guilty. The vehicle was found by an a warrant-less illegal search, called in, and then the quick search of the property was requested when Stephen was absent in order to ensure the evidence could be used. Brandon is really a victim, both by Stephen getting him involved and the terrible way the justice system pinned it on him.

    That's my opinion, anyway. Nevertheless, the conduct of the County and the prosecution is enough for many people to claim there is reasonable doubt, and I do respect that.

    For me, the circumstantial and undisputed evidence is pretty damning.
  • notsurewheretogo
    There was also no explanation for why the woman's body was ever inside of her own car in the first place if the car stayed on that property and was simply moved from the crime scene to be hidden on the lot.

    Actually, it was not on the documentary but if you watch the videos of Brendan's confession on YouTube Brendan confessed they put the body in the trunk as they were going to dump it in a lake but then realized the body of water wasn't deep enough. Which is strange if they are both innocent...

  • Dagney
    I can't get past why there wasn't more blood evidence at the trailer property if the killing was performed as the prosecution and Brendan said. As sloppy as these guys were in trying to hide the Rav4 in plain sight, they could NEVER be that thorough in cleaning all the blood evidence yet leaving the surrounding areas in place and looking as if nothing had been touched in months...dust and dirt wise.
  • David Graham
    David Graham
    Unfortunately this young man is a victim of an ever increasing corrupt law enforcement. We only need to look at the latest events regarding the Oregon cold blooded shooting of a man who clearly had his hands in the air to see how far law enforcement will go to hide corruption!
  • Phaedra

    I watched and am following the reddit on this. Lots of info there:


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