Is there ANY possibility at all that the WatchTower and the Governing Body has the TRUTH? (You're about to find out)

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  • Terry

    scholar "I am pleased that it is a momentous piece of our Christian Heritage."

    How then can it be explained that such a "piece of Christian Heritage" is not available
    If something is true how can it be outdated or consigned to obliteration in the libraries of all Kingdom Halls?
    Your comment about 'sound scholarship' leaves me wondering what that could possibly mean?
    It is one thing

  • blondie

    Peter was the ex-jw Ray had lunch with. Peter was his employer and landlord for a time when Ray and Cynthia moved down there. Peter as an elder saw how Ray was being treated. A point to remember, Cynthia was at that lunch and nothing was done to her, not df'd or did she da herself. I met Peter and his wife at an ex-jw meeting. So funny they were and so supportive.

  • Terry

    I got the sense that Peter was what used to be called a "solid citizen", meaning: the kind of guy
    you'd trust and who would go to the mat for you.

  • blondie

    Absolutely right, Terry! He came late to his "aha" moment but he left (da'd) and never looked back. Everything that happened to him from the WTS confirmed his decision was right. Lovely wife too.

  • BluesBrother

    Thank you Blondie for confirming that fact about PG and Ray Frank . I thought that was the case but was not sure.

    PG certainly came over as a warm , straight up person. .....

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