The impact and consequences of being born into the jehovahs witness cult.

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  • RayoFlight2014

    Hi from New South Wales Australia.

    FYI , It's Tuesday 10th September 2:36am here.

    I am categorically not going to blame the cult for every poor choice.

    I am conscious of the fact that I was at a genetically determined disadvantage academically; I was never going to be outstanding in my achievements, no matter how hard I tried.

    I also know that Mum, Dad, two brothers, my sister and I have a shy, self-conscious and socially awkward disposition.

    We come from a low socio-economic background. With a dysfunctional family tree branch.

    But now throw into that mix the jehovahs witness cult in around 1963 and what you get is all those negative factors amplified.

    The poor choices we made due to deceptive undue influence can be quantified.

    I can only speak for myself and what I personally experienced and witnessed.

    Because the big A was perpetually coming tomorrow I was dedicated in my heart to jehovah, and this was reflected in my attitude toward school, as noted in my year 10 high school certificate report, "Ray is indifferent in his approach"....I had no idea what that meant at the time.

    The only reason (fortunately) why I didn't get baptised was due to an intense aversion to the level of focus that moment would attract.
    Strangely that reasoning is contradicted by the fact that I was on the theocratic ministry school giving 5 minute talks from the platform. Go figure!?

    My siblings are all mostly closer to 50 years old and above, not married, no children, not gainfully employed, depressed, medicated, have contemplated or had suicidal thoughts, endure a low standing in their respective congregations, clinging on to a promise of paradise that will never be realized.

    The family name ends with my daughter as my father only has one sister.

    I am the fortunate one who has a loving wife and daughter, I am gainfully employed, never had suicidal thoughts and am free of cult indoctrination.
    But I have withdrawn from close friendship and isolated myself for 28 years , keeping counsel with myself about all things jw and doing the one handed clap.

    Without being Shakespearean, I'm turtling at the moment, and I hope to connect with a few of you, let you know you're not alone in this stuggle to find your authentic self, gain some information I desire and offer something positive while keeping myself from becoming overwhelmed.

    Hopefully this makes sense as intended and you can all contribute to the conversation. What has been your experience?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    First off matey, welcome to the JWNworld/forum.This is a great place to share and find new things, old things ,jw things,non jw things alike. You will certainly learn many things. I am so sorry to hear about you and your family. Yes ,I used to be one Jw ,till recently. I have made much sacrifice too thinking I am doing and making the right choices for god but unfortunately it is a cult , no doubt and ruins lives it touches.

    Would like to hear more about your experiences with the Jdumbs(jw's). What made you leave the Jdumb world?


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Sending you love and positive thoughts


  • Finkelstein

    Here's some of the consequences of being brought up in the JWS religion ........

    Poverty when getting older and retired

    Suicide, there is high number of JWS who end their lives in this manner.

    Separated and socially dissociated with your personal family members

    Dead from refusing a Blood transfusion

    Mentally imbalanced from being coerced and exploited by this fear mongering lying cult

    A general lack of education from being told higher education is redundant, harmful and inappropriate.

  • RayoFlight2014

    Hi Zing, and Thank you for your kind welcome.

    To answer your question about why I left the jw world, well it's complex but I'll try to be succinct.

    I had close contact with some who claimed to be of the annointed who we're treated poorly for highlighting the apparent conditional love and cliques within the congregation.

    I could not reconcile with only jw's surviving Armageddon, when I could see such goodness in the folk I met in field service.

    Stopped being a yes man.

    And I learnt the power of.... no!

    Came to realise it was never really my free choice to be a jw or not, given the reaction of my parents when I told them I would no longer be going to the meetings.

  • RayoFlight2014

    Hey Fink,

    Yes I indeed can relate to your comments.

    My cousin is one of those who committed suicide and I particularly want talk to Wazza from this forum, he may have seen my cousin just prior to the tragedy and have some information I desire.

  • Finkelstein

    Its a very sad and unnecessary consequence of what can happen by being somehow connected to this high controlling cult.

    The deaths, the family break ups, depression, the lies are not seen by new ones to this cult, its later on when they start to realize it and they start to be psychologically dismissive .

  • iwantoutnow

    What Fink said!

  • RayoFlight2014

    Hi there, iwantoutnow!

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