Cross-dressing Jehovah's Witness raped and molested girl

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  • zeb

    "Fuge turned and waved to supporters in the public gallery when he was sent down."..

    and who would those supporters be..?

    The poor girl will have nightmares forever. I hope she is nominated for a humanities award.

  • Chook

    Quite an upstanding chap , he still qualifies as a publisher. I bet there is more than one victim, honing his art for 69 years. Vile creature is lucky he didn't do it to my grandchild.

  • Splash

    List of elders for the Wallasey South congregation.

    This offender was not one of them.

  • punkofnice
  • darkspilver

    Splash: List of elders for the Wallasey South congregation. This offender was not one of them.

    Who said he was an elder?? I don't believe the article says he was?

    SIDE NOTE: The Charity Commission website, listing the trustess, can be updated at any time by the individual charities - I believe the website is then automatically updated over-night to publicly display the new information the following day.

    I believe the WT letter guidance tells congreagtions that they should keep it up-to-date (new elders, elders move-in, elders move-out, elders removed) - BUT most forget and only update it in January each year when they need to log in an submit their annual returns.

  • darkspilver

    The Wirral Globe (more local to the actual area) gives some background to the extra 'year on licence' (emphasis added)

    Liverpool Echo, 10 July 2017
    Judge Norman Wright jailed Fuge for 17 years with an extended year on licence.
    Wirral Globe, 10 July 2017
    The judge imposed an extra year’s licence as he is classed as a person of particular concern.
  • ToesUp

    I had a friend call me last year telling me about an Elder in his hall who is in jail still, who molested his daughter. Funny how when I talk to my friend now, he NEVER mentions it anymore. He went dead silent. They are being coached by the Elder body to not "bring reproach upon Jehovah's name." They sweep this disgusting crime under the rug. If WT is so innocent, why won't they bring forth the documents that the court is requesting? If you have nothing to hide, why not reveal the documents?

    The JW's just don't want to come to terms that this is a disgusting crime.

  • pale.emperor

    List of elders for the Wallasey South congregation.

    This offender was not one of them.

    Sorry, i should have clarified, i wasnt suggesting this guy is/was an elder.

    The couple who moved to that congregation were Dave Guy and his wife. Dave Guy is an elder on that list. This is why i asked my ex about it because she's sort-of friends with Mrs Guy. (You know how elders wives are, gossip queens but also in a clique of fellow elders wives and sycophants). My ex used to be in that clique because her dad is an elder.

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