May 2019 Study Article in the Watchtower

by Lost in the fog 10 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Tenacious

    This is really just a way of saying:

    "Listen, we know you are repentant and regret your actions. But because of the internet and media exposure, it is becoming harder to sucker and con members out of more money. And if you get that itch again and want to commit the same sin we just don't want to have to pay the victims. And if you are appointed to a position of responsibility that's exactly what will happen if you sin again. Now, it would be completely different had you porked a sister, murdered someone, robbed a bank, or stole a car. Then we could easily reinstate you if you are repentant and you'd qualify to be assigned a position of responsibility later on. But molesting a child because of the spotlight and lawsuits Jehovah's does not want to lose any more of our ill gotten dough. Sorry bud."

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