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  • Pronger1

    JW dogma places Jesus’ presence before the great tribulation, but Matthew 24:21, 29 clearly places it after the great tribulation.

    That is not how Matthew 24 works. Matthew 24 starts off with Jesus telling his disciples about the destruction of the temple.

    Jesus is then asked three question. When will this be (destruction of the temple), what will be the sign of your coming and the end of this age.

    Jesus then answers. Their generation will not pass away before the temple is destroyed.

    Jesus borrows apocalyptic judgement imagery from Daniel 7 of the son of man coming on the clouds. The same imagery he tells Caiaphas he will see in Matthew 26.

    Only starting in Matthew 24:36 does Jesus then answer about the end of the age. It will be unexpected.

    The great tribulation Jesus speaks of is the events leading up to the destruction of the temple.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I received my personal invitation to the memorial in the mail Saturday. I just finished typing out a reply, the same one I have been sending to the publishers homes since 2004, of which was highlighted in the 2013 summer talk on "Human Apostates".

    The kicker here is that currently the local Indian Casino wants to purchase my four real estate properties that has their 40+acre development cut off from freeway interchange. If that happens then I become the smartest man in the room.

    It has been 35 years I have been arguing the article "A Time to Speak When?" Sept. 1 1987 Wt. as to how it relates to a $4,250,000 unregistered securities fraud. And how that connects with church shunning policy.

    Hopefully this is put up or shut up time for me.

  • Jeffro


    The great tribulation Jesus speaks of is the events leading up to the destruction of the temple.

    Indeed. (Except for the part that Jesus said it. The words were attributed to Jesus later, and it’s impossible to know what if anything attributed to Jesus in the Bible is actually what he said.) The ‘great tribulation’ refers to the period from 66CE to 70CE.

    But in JW land, they ignore the actual context and say the great tribulation is still yet to happen, but that Jesus’ presence has already begun.

    The Bible directly contradicts the JW order of events. So they just ignore those verses, even in their ‘study’ Bible.

  • Jeffro

    See also NWT study notes for Acts 19:2. 🤣

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