The Apostates do well in Tempe Triathlon

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  • Princess

    I flew to Phoenix last weekend for the Tempe Triathlon, half-ironman distance. A friend and fellow ex-dub was putting together a relay team and asked me to be the runner. He named us "The Apostates".

    I have been training to run a marathon since the end of August so the half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles fit right into my training schedule. Steve and I were anxious to escape the cold weather and enjoy a warm weekend for a change. I was anxious to see what kind of time I was capable of running the half in. Last March I ran my first half-marathon in a respectable but not terribly impressive 2:06:51. I was hoping to improve my time by at least 10-15 minutes.

    The weather Sunday was perfect, clear and sunny. Our swimmer (never been a dub) had a bad time of it. His wetsuit was too tight and he had trouble with his breathing so he struggled a bit. He finished the 1.2 mile swim in just under 42 minutes. He passed the timing chip to my friend Jeff (some of you met him in Oregon at Dakota Red's last July) who made up the lost time on the swim and averaged 20.2 miles per hour on his 56 mile bike ride. Jeff passed the chip to me, I put it on my ankle and was off on my 13.1 mile run. It was hot. I was dying but managed to finish in 1:47:51. Exactly 19 minutes better than my previous half marathon. I averaged 8:14 minute mile splits. We had a team total time of 5:19:33. We plan to do it again next year but we'll substitute Steve for the swimmer and have a true "Team Apostate".

  • Phantom Stranger
    Phantom Stranger

    Great job!

    What's the new Team Apostate slogan?

    Just leave it?

    There is no finish line Armageddon?

    Seriously, anyway, great job. I'd love to be up to half-marathon shape.

  • Princess

    We'll have to think of a slogan for next year. I like it!

    I have pictures to post but can't figure out how. HELP!

  • Mulan

    Great job, Princess.

    If you email them to me, seperately (not in Word) I can post them off of my website.

  • Simon

    wow ... I'm impressed ! (and I feel tired just reading it ... I think I'll go for a lie down )

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    Wow you are amazing Princess. I'm a cyclist myself but I'm just getting into the roadie thing. Running doesn't work for me, it hurts too much. I'll get sore before I get tired. Lousy style I guess.

    You should be proud. Are you tempted to do an entire marathon alone?

  • Valis

    Way to go Princess!


    District Overbeer

  • tink

    princess you are my hero right now!! it's been a goal of mine for quite some time to do a marathon but i've been too chicken thus far to enter. i'm so inspired to bite the bullet and do it now!!!

  • jst2laws

    Good Job Princess,




    "A" team, Yeah!


  • Princess
    Are you tempted to do an entire marathon alone?

    I'm training for the Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon on January 11. This half-marathon fit into my training really well. It helps to race occasionally. Gets you used to the pre-race jitters, fueling while running and the encouragement of the spectators.

    It's difficult to fathom a full marathon after a half. However, in my experience, when you have a specified distance to cover, your body is able to cover just that. (with training of course) When I have a ten mile run scheduled, ten miles is all I can do. The realization that the half marathon is just that...half a marathon is quite overwhelming. It was full of pain. I have recovered well and have no lingering pain so I'm pressing on to the full.

    I read a great book by John "The Penguin" Bingham called "Marathoning for Mortals". It was very informative and has an awesome training schedule that I have followed very closely. I know I can do this.

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