I love accents!

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  • barry

    Luna us Australians think we dont have an accent until we go overseas so im sure you have an accent to an aussie and a very nice one at that. Barry

  • tink

    barry we (in norcal @ least) talk reeeeeeally plainly. total flat nonaccent. i wish i had one, too, luna!! :( i'd fake one if i were any good at imitations, but i suck so i'd just sound like a geek :P

  • luna

    LOL @ Tink.

    Yeah, I'd fail miserably at trying to fake one. Tho', when i have a cold, i sound Canadian. "Aboot!"

    Barry- I'm w/ Tink....we really don't have one. And if it is considered an accent, it's a pathetic one.

  • tink

    Yup, that's the penance we pay for living in the coolest state of all ;)

  • maxwell

    I like NYC and British accents. I grew up in the South (Tennessee) and some have told me I have a small southern accent. Others can't hear any accent at all. But even though I grew up there, really heavy slow southern accents where the speaker successfully forces some single syllables into two distinct syllables sometimes gets to my ears. As in "He we-ent ovah there-yer." The ovah doesn't bother me. It's the we-ent and the there-yer. I had a few teachers who couldn't pronounce the R in my last name either. They would do same thing my example did with the word over.

    Edited to add: Oh yeah, I like Australian accents too. Or at least the accent of that Australian guy who comes on the animal shows here all the time. chasing after the crocs and any other wild dangerous animal. He'll always tell you how dangerous the animal and then the silly man will go and grab the animal with his bear hands. His accent just adds to the show.

  • SanFranciscoJim

    As a former resident of the Caribbean for many years, I can tell you that the most beautiful accent in the world unequivocally is the Papiamento accent, as spoken by residents of the islands of Bonaire, Aruba, and Curacao. It sings!

  • RandomTask

    Thats it, Simon, I want a voice based discussion forum.

  • rocketman

    Voice-based would be great. No more friggin typing!

    Hands-free class

  • Sassy
    When you're partial to someone WITH a Jersey accent...you become partial to the accent

    I hear that. The love of my life is from Jersey..

    I also love Jamaican accents.


  • Aztec
    Thats it, Simon, I want a voice based discussion forum.

    Bwahahaha! That would be hilarious!


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