top ten great things about 2034

by dustrabbit 16 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Stephanus
    The Harlot riding on top of the scarlet beast can now properly be called...are you ready for this?....the Whore of '34!

    Alternative 10.By 2034, the GB will have discovered that the Harlot atop the Beast is a mistranslation, and will replace it with "the Beast astride a Harley".

    (Actually more appropriate for Conan's "in the year 2000" schtick)

  • Panda

    Dustrabbit will score a harley.

  • Aztec
    the Whore of '34!

    *spits diet pop all over keyboard*

    Thanks Dustrabbit!


  • Matty

    LOL dustrabbit! Great to see you back and on top form!

  • SpiceItUp

    LOL.... Dusty..where ya been hiding yourself?

  • SpunkyChick

    Great thread!! Thanks for the funnies!

  • dustrabbit

    Aztec: It's always a good day when diet pop spittle kits the keyboard!

    Matty: It's so much exertion to keep up at this form..."Rhett, I feel faint..." (This could explain why I'm not here much...and I'm sure the exJWsRaw Group on has been laid to rest?)

    spice: yes, I'm baaaaack! Didja miss me? Actually, I've been working on my movie a director attached to, I've been asked to rewrite somebody else's movie script as well. All that plus my day job at the Department of Defense, and some overtime there at the DoD as well.

    SpunkyChick: ah, so you're the one I've heard about...the other malcontent from colorado...wheresabout? I live in SE denver....

    Justin, the ORIGINAL dustrabbit

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