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  • WasOnceBlind
    I had someone stalk me on social media once I stopped attending. It was actually my "first love" within the congregation. This was a person that I was head over heals for but never really worked out because she wanted someone more financially stable (gold digger). Funny thing, years later when I got married and stopped attending I became that "financially stable" person since I could work longer and harder and get more schooling. So years later I found out from a friend of mine that she would always be looking at my pictures on instagram and facebook, had to make my stuff private.
  • stuckinarut2

    The very fact that they published that picture series with the sister "reporting" her "friend" to an elder is extremely disturbing and inappropriate!

    That form of conduct is certainly going beyond the bounds of decency, and is indeed proof of a "High Control Cult-like" group.

  • ToesUp

    "Mary was somewhat apprehensive about the legal aspects but felt that in this situation Bible principles should carry more weight than the requirement that she protect the privacy of the medical records. Surely the sister would not want to become resentful and try to retaliate by making trouble for her, she reasoned. So when Mary analyzed all the facts available to her, she decided conscientiously that this was a time to "speak," not to "keep quiet."

    Has Mary or the organization ever heard of HIPPA? Who cares if Mary looses her job or gets sued...not our (WT) problem! Be warm and well fed Mary! We got our info, now we are going after Sister Abortion.

    It's also interesting that the switch that scripture around when it comes to calling the police on a Pedo. There is a time to keep quiet when it comes to that. So interesting how the manipulate the scriptures to suit them.


  • ToesUp
    oops...I meant HIPAA
  • kairos

    I leave my FB wide open to the public.

    I'm having a great life.

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