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  • larc

    Jim, My wife sent you an e-mail regarding some resources that may be of help to you. One thing is very important. Get stress out of your life. It will shoot your sugar level through the roof. I think you should give up helping others for awhile, including the victims of child abuse. You need to take care of yourself, first and foremost. You can't help others if you are dead. I wish you well, my friend.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Sorry to hear your news, Amazing.

    I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago.It was a bit scary at first.

    If it's of any help, feel free to email me offline.



  • waiting

    Hey Jim,

    Just me with a friendly slap upside your head. Do you remember just how bad off you were last year?

    It's like a breath of fresh air to hear you griping & complaining like the rest of us!

    Life ain't fun.....but it's more fun than the alternative.

    Take care - and take care of yourself. We like you.

  • Flowerpetal

    Sorry to hear of your health woes---hope you will get the resources you need to feel better! I enjoyed reading your personal experience of how you finally left JWs.

  • gumby


    Thanks for the update,

    btw, I haven't forgotten the phone call about H.Snow


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