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  • scruffmcbuff

    As I spend more time here, things id forgotten come back, mostly bad and some I plan to share eventually.

    But this one is happy, one of a sunday talk by a new elder from Nigeria in our hall. I remember the intro word for word. Id like to share it with you.

    "Brothers, Sisters, newly interested ones. I know most your faces here as you know mine.

    Id like to ask you all a question.

    What can we learn from a goat?! (The hall fills with laughter and the elder has a grin and has a chuckle too)

    Well! Let me tell you the struggle of the goats ans the goats keeper. A Goat will eat, consume, digest what ever it is given or what ever it is left no option to eat.

    If the goat is fed on good,high quality food the goat will grow strong! The goat will reap you milk and off spring and live a healthy life!

    If you neglect the goat it will be a very different story. You see, if you feed the goat Shit, it will become shit, but the goat will only eat the shit if lef.............."

    The hall errupts in both gasps and and laughter. I was working the sound box and i had the PO say rather loud "ScruffMcBuff turn the sound off!!!" In a huge panic and rushed to the platform.

    The talk was scrapped and we skipped to the watchtower.

    Turns out in the elders home country "shit" is infact not a swear word and used freely!

    This remains the BEST meeting i ever attended.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    no shit ?

  • Saethydd

    Now that I swear on a daily basis this story seems even more ridiculous. Getting so worked up over a harmless word like “shit” while at the same time allowing people to hear graphic descriptions of violence from the Bible or see them in a Bible drama is incredibly silly and contradictory.

  • steve2

    Well my goodness - shit a brick.

  • FedUpJW

    My dear mother used to say that, "Brother/Sister so-and-so is so prudish they couldn't say shit, even if their mouth were full of it!" I sure do miss her.

  • zeb

    culturally aware?

    In Australia the term 'bloody' is common enough its known as the 'great Australian adjective' eg "in that new car he is a bloody idiot".

    The reaction is atypical (!) of the we are all clones of urban American jw... or should be.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I felt bad for the man! He had not uttered a single swear word in my opnion. It was good enough for jehovah in nigeria so its good enough for jehovah else where surely??

  • blisterfeet

    Love your story! It gave me a flashback!

    we had bookstudy in our house growing up. My superW mom had a Nextel phone and forgot to turn it off.. during bookstudy we hear “chirp” and some guy (I’m still hoping from a wrong number) yelling “f*** you, you son of a b**** f this and f that” my dad who was conducting was mortified! My mom and my sister were scrambling to turn it off. I didn’t appreciate it for what it was worth at the time!!

  • pale.emperor

    There was an elder in Speke (Bro. Wagenecht) that used to say "shit" and didnt think it was a swearword. He grew up on a farm apparently. He never said it from a platform, although that would have been brilliant!

  • stillin

    There was a young brother visiting from Germany who felt moved to make a comment during the WT Study. In broken, accented English, he he spoke glowingly about working on WT projects, where everybody is polite and nobody says, "Hey, Asshole!! Or somezing like zat."


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