Only In America.

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  • Englishman

    ..and there is nothing like this in England!

    Simon pointed this out to me in Orlando:


  • Valis

    Um Brother Beans...I don't know what kind of sissy bar they are talking about but down here in the dirty south we use real watch out! *LOL* Speaking of darts..I won 60 bucks in the last dart tourney I was in.


    District Overbeer

  • czarofmischief

    Can anybody say...

    breakfast served 24 hours???

    America's greatest contribution to world culture!

    Bringing all-night diners to Baghdad and Beyond!


  • Abaddon


    OK, here's part of the reason for the "terrrorism"'s to gauge your reaction as much as take your answer. If ya start acting hinky when they ask the silly get special attention.

    'Acting hinky'!!!!

    Yeru, are you deliberately trying to make me wet myself?

    If that is the last line of defence, then you're in bigger trouble than I thought you were! Has anyone been arrested for 'acting hinky' when asked that question? Or have they only been dark-coloured bearded gentlemen?

    I can see them starting to ask people of planes from Columbia "Have you in the past, are at this time, or intend in the future to have a kilo of cociane stuck where the sun don't shine?" "Get the gloves out Wilmer, this one's acting hinky!"

  • Maverick

    It was great to meet you and Simon, E-man! Did you see any gators while you were here? When my yankee friends come down to visit us that is the first thing they ask," Where are all the gators?" I guess they think we kick them out of the way when we get our newspapers off the lawn!

    And technically you can't bring your gun into a bar, you have to leave it in the car. You can have it in the restaurant part of a sports pub, but it would be up to the arresting officers judgement. And this is with the permit. Here in Florida they have concealed WEAPONS permits, this cover any legal weapon not just hand guns.

    And how did you two get such lovely wives? Must be a shorage of good looking men in England!

    We have a roundabout on Clearwater Beach. They put a big fountain right in the middle of it. Then had to spend a million dollars ripping the fountain out because everyone was looking at the fountain and the beach, ( with all the T-backed babes) and kept crashing their cars! Though I liked them in Australia, and Mexico.

    Be glad you did not have to drive in Michigan! Worst roads in America! And as nice as the folks are, and they are wonderful, is how bad they drive! Soccer moms in SUV's rushing their kids to practice! Only place I've ever been were I have to look over my shoulder while walking on the sidewalk to be sure I don't get run over!

    Looking forward to visiting y-all soon! Maverick

  • Simon

    Maverick, it was great meeting you and **** and very kind of you to come all that way to see us!

    Yes, we saw some gators when we went to the Kennedy space centre - in the pools / rivers at the side of the road. Glad I didn't have to stop to change a tire ! (we also saw a bald eagle too which was cool).

    We're counting the days till we can come and visit America again

    Simon, the lady wishes to remain anonymous.

  • roybatty
    Where sports pubs provide darts made out of plasic for safeties sake to customers who can carry a gun.

    LOL! So true!

  • Aztec
    Grits? There's no wrong way to eat long as ya eat them. I like mine thick, almost paste like, with butter and jelly. Or sugar and butter...or hot sauce and scrambled eggs...or I put my waffles and syrup on top...grits are good...though I didn't discover them until I joined the army...first time I had them I thought the army had REALLY messed up cream of wheat (which is good with sugar...brown sugar...butter...and a drop of vanilla extract).

    Oh yeah Yeru! Have I ever mentioned that I love a man who is passionate about grits?


  • tink
    Where ice is not a luxury.

    ice is a luxury in england??

    well i wish i could've made an appearance at the florida get-together but i am all the way on the other side of the country...can y'all come to california next time, please?? it IS, after all, the very best state of all. ask anyone. =D ;)

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed the country so much!!! :):):)

  • Yerusalyim


    Ya make me HOT baby...HOT! TAKE ME!!!!


    While I can't confirm that this is why the Airport does what they do, I have it on good authority that this is one of the reasons why police ask about weapons before they search you. They might ask something like "Do you have any guns, knives, or nuclear weapons I should know about" If you get to acting "hinky" they get suspicious. I also think it might in some way aid with prosecution...but I'm not sure.

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