prince the witness???????

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  • Mulan
    bono from u2 is having a bible study

    Oh my god.......................tell me it isn't true. Shock

  • ozziepost

    Isn't it strange that when we come across the term "bible study" when connected with the dubs, we instatntly think of, not a bible, but a book? A book of indoctrination that quotes randomly from the bible.

    Kinda like an imprimator. Oh dear, how sad!


  • Axelspeed

    bono?...studying? that would blow me away


  • badboy

    Ask him about silentlambs.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I didn't know about Bono's "interest," but this doesn't shock me too much.

    As a group, musicians aren't exactly "top oftheir class" in critical thinking skills. Yes, they have manual dexterity and a good sense of rythm, and may or may not have a good voice, but thinking skills? C'mon... can you say "Michael Jackson"?

    Remember when word got out that MJ was a JW, and some idiot JWs discussed the possibility that he was "Michael the archangel"? Deep though? NOT! Michael is a great exhibit in the JW Shipwreck Museum because all of us can look at him and say, "Wow - at least I'm not as f-ed up as him!"

    Prince has had to live with the heartbreak of losing a child, as Gopher and Blondie have pointed out. He was vulnerable, and Larry Graham took advantage of that vulnerability to offer the JW "solution to everything that troubles you - God's gonna do it all - any day now."

    Bono is a sensitive, concerned guy, it seems. I don't know what sparked his interest - which hasn't really been verified as actually happening. I hope for his sake he's just doing "research".

    ...wait - what if Bono is really "Bono the archangel"?????

  • sens

    Ok I was talking to a friend who is also right into u2 as Iam...and she told me that yer, he started out with em last yer, .....he mentioned Jehovah at a concert in the usa...which one ..not sure but yer...there ya go....I read his bio...well the whole band's actually and He was into something called the 'shalom group' this was in the early days...the only one who wasnt involved was Adam Clayton...the rest of the band got involved....rumour has it that Larry Mulans is also right into it (having a study) as well....freaky...

  • Nosferatu

    I haven't been fond of U2's music since Achtung Baby. They'd have to re-write some of their songs as well-

    Sunday Bloody Sunday = Sunday Meeting Sunday
    New Year's Day = Memorial Day
    Pride In The Name Of Love = Pride In The Name Of Jah
    Elevation = Resurrection
    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me = Our Loving Father In The Heavens
    Angel Of Harlem = Jehovah Of Armies

  • shera

    LOL @ Nos

  • jws

    When I was a JW and dating a girl in the Minneapolis area, she told me that Morris Day (of the Time, Jungle Love, The Bird, and Prince films) grew up a JW. They said they saw him at assemblies and such, even after he was famous. Apparently his mother was and possibly still is a JW.

    Some factoid bouncing around in the back of my mind says that I remember hearing Morris Day and Prince are cousins.

    If these two things are true, then JWs are in Prince's family. They may have been the first ones to influence him to become a JW. For all I know one of his parents was JW too and it's something he was exposed to as a kid and is now returning to it.

  • Panda

    Remember all those celebs who became Christian Scientists? Also those who followed some NEW AGE guru (sort of a Unitarian Yoga group) Linda Evans was a big supporter of her. So now it's Bible studies with JWs.

    We need to email our favorite groups and warn them that they are now targeted by the WTS --- WTS needs their money.

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