This probably sounds uppity. I'm saying it anyhow

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Diogenesister when it comes to my intelligence becoming a master gardener is most likely the only formal education I will ever receive. If it looks like I was bragging that was not my intention. Many here had gone a lot further in their education than me and this is because we have all freed ourselves from a mind controlling cult. Allowing us to use our minds freely. Saying that perhaps that what makes us look more intelligent than those who are still not awake and trap in the cult. I do have a sign that says: I am a Gardener- what is your Superpower? Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    The idea that intelligence has nothing to do with brainwashing is an assertion that gets thrown around a lot. It's unfounded though, never backed up by anything. People take it as a given for no good reason

    I'm sure that intelligence and brainwashing must have some relationship, however faint

  • punkofnice
    Stilly willy - There seems to be, on average, a higher level of intelligence here than there is at the Kingdom Hall.

    Probably why we're not jobos anymore. We thunk about stuff.

    Some of the grammar here could use some polishing-up,

    Your wright two

  • dozy

    I was a JW for 40 years and knew numerous JWs but I never met anyone who could be regarded as really intelligent. I'm sure there are some out there , but I never came across one. Being a JW kind of chokes off any intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge which is essential to keep on growing and people , even if well educated initially (albeit pretty unusual with JWs ) , tend to stagnate at best , or regress.

    Ex JWs - tend to be a mixed bag ( like myself. ) But there is that ability to think out of the box , which you don't get with a rank & file JW.

  • punkofnice

    A side note, I always wanted to go to college or uni but as a jobo I wasn't allowed, of course. I did my own research into things that interested me. In those days WH Smith and the library provided the books for my research.

    As a teen, I was told, 'you think too deeply.'

    Hell, yeah!!

  • Wakanda

    Sometimes when I say/said something that sounded 'uppity' or intelligent to the JW I was talking to, they would say "Wow, you are very smart" or the like. They would change the subject to the topic of how knowledgeable I am.

    Maybe they were uncomfortable thinking.

    I wasn't, but for too many years I excused problems by blaming individuals, and not the WT system. Well, that's what they want, and brainwash us to believe.

    Thanks for the observation Stillin!


    ps. When looking at what cult researchers say, it is not about intelligence. There are many reasons that keep people in, and I do not remember intelligence being one of them. Yes it is exhausting trying to wake them up. exhausting.

  • inbetween09

    In the congo I grew up, indeed there were not many smart paople, some due to lack of education, some just naturally limited. later on, changing to foreign language groups, I got to know some very bright witnesses, some with college, some without, but nonetheless all of them above avarage. They are able to come up with really smart arguments, and are quite opne minded.

    Something though hinders their thinking skills when it comes to anything the GB comes up with, its just not questioned, at least not openly.

    Its not a lack of intelligence, its rather denial, fear and the wish to be socially accepted.

  • nonjwspouse


    There are more than likely highly intelligent JWs still in. Due to mind control, they are not "allowed" to use their brain constructively, or critically. Therefore, due to the emotional wall they subconsciously allow, they are not able to really break out and develop that intelligence.

    Here, the wall is broken and we see how much suppressed intelligence there really was inside the walls of the Kingdom Hall.

  • mentalclarity

    I know some very smart JWs- some professionals and some not, but very bright, well-spoken individuals. I guess I'd also have to ask what you mean by "intelligence". I've met people without any formal education who are exceptionally quick and avid learners. They might not be book smart but they make up for it in streets smart and common sense. I also know people with Phds who lack common sense.

    There are alot of members on this forum but few actually post- maybe the ones that post are those that are more confident in their writing skills and find it easy to express themselves that way.

    I'm sure there are many reasons JWs wake up, but I think those that are "curious" maybe have an advantage. Those who are naturally inquisitive and ask a lot of questions.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    my recollection of life in the cult--50 years ago now: there were a few men i would describe as intelligent, good jobs or own businesses. they attended to keep their wives company. rarely answered up..never gave any ministry school talks--never got baptised'

    i wonder why ?

    on the other hand--most of those keen dubs that were the servants ( pre-elder period remember ), who gave the public talks in their best suits.......were as thick as shit. mostly handle-pullers in factories.

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