New Light on 2005- Another False Prophecy?

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  • rocketman

    Jayhawk makes a good point - and I concur, having heard the 2005 date bandied about by individual jws for years.

    And the scriptures Blondie posted (which have been largely glossed-over by the WTS over the years) basically rule out date-accurate predictions.

  • Adam
    Since 1879 anyone who became a Jehovah's Witness but who left the Watchtower is on that narrow road to destruction.

    Ahh, the few growning majority, the proud.

    This is so lame and I truly feel sorry for people who actually buy into this crap. I mean, don't they see that "the end" has been "right around the corner" for over 2000 years now? Don't they know about all the other "end is near" predictions by the JW's, by other bible based religions, and even by jesus himself? Ever since jesus told people that the kingdom of god was comming "soon" and that some of the people then living would see it manifested, bible based belief structurs have been predicting the immenent end of the world. You think people would have learned by now.

  • blondie

    Actually, no one became a JW until 1935 when Rutherford had the name adopted to differentiate between his organization and the Bible Students that left the WT.

    I always figure that the 2 scriptures above are the Heisenberg principle of Bible prophecy.

    "The more precisely the POSITION PROPHECY is determined,
    less precisely

    the MOMENTUM FULFILLMENT is known"


  • stillajwexelder

    Wow Heisenbergs Uncertainty principal - what next the Pauli exclusion principal -- is this board drifting into quantum mechanics?

  • observador

    I read the article. It's a litle of a strecth of imagination.

  • Beans

    These topics are never boring, they just keep getting better and better. Great Quotes!

  • Elsewhere

    All we have to do is wait for the precise moment when every single person on the face of the earth is distracted with something other than the end... and that is when it will happen.

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