How many of you were the "perfect" guy/girl?

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  • Mac

    Sounds like the guys were experiencing a "straightening out"! Quite a sad situation much idiocy!!

    hugs, mac

  • MrMoe

    LOL @ Stacey---

    I was no prize trust me

  • MrMoe

    double post

  • Odrade

    LMAO @ Phantom. I was your female counterpart then. The mamas all wanted me to marry their son, 'cause I was such a good little witness girl I guess. One even cried when her boy married someone else, because she wanted him to marry me! LOL! Wonder what they'll all say when it comes out I'm a big bad apostate now. But I was such a total geek, all the young brothers were running the other way. hehe.

    I'm still a geek... but I married another geek and he likes me fine!


  • iiz2cool

    I wasn't considered "perfect" in the sense that I didn't have a "title", but I think I was too good in other ways. It's been my downfall. It's my resolve to become more of an asshole.


  • SanFranciscoJim

    After it came to light in my congregation that I had "homosexual tendencies", it was strongly recommended to me by the elders that I consider dating a "fine sister". Their hope was that she could "turn me straight".

    Well, there was one sister in my congregation who I was good friends with. She was very liberal minded, and when I asked her out to a movie, she knew what I was up to, and she thought it was hilarious. After our so-called "date", I made it a point to let the elders know that I had indeed started dating a "fine sister". They were thrilled until they found out who it was -- I am 5'5" and Caucasian, and she was 6'2" and black. The elders were aghast, and never brought up the subject again. She & I both had a great laugh. It's not often you get to toy with the elders and get away with it!

  • Sassy

    in many ways I think I was pretty close to 'perfect' for my first husband.. being raised not just as a JW and under the idea of a good submissive wife but also in the upper midwest where conservatism is strong as well. I was raised to think first of being a perfect wife, perfect mother. My needs came last. My husbands came first. My boyfriend now says that I am the best girlfriend he has ever had. Not sure I deserve that title, but I sure am glad he feels that way. I'm not the same person my first husband married any more though. I have more self respect for myself and my needs. Fortunately, this is something my bf respects. (guess that comes from his NOT being a JW ever)

  • FlyingHighNow

    I was only liked by the intelligent and naturally kind people who were kindred spirits. My ex husband thought I was not submissive enough. I was too fiesty. I had opinions. I stood up for my kids and me. My ex would never go to the elders on my family's or anyone else's behalf. I had to go be the family spokesmen. I'd beg him to go but he wouldn't. He made me wear the pants but then he would complain about it. He STILL complains to anyone who stands still long enough to listen.

    Now I realize I was just being a human being. My love Andy loves me the way I am. He finds my opinions very fascinating and amusing. He'd probably say I am close to perfect in my intriguing state of imperfection.


  • luna

    Haha to Odrade....Yeah, she was the perfect, little witness girl to marry. All prim and proper, and pioneer-ish. The pretty, SPIRITUAL nerd.

    ME, on the other hand, was the ANTI perfect girl. All dark and artsy, listening to my "non-standard" music, and not dressing like the REST of the good little witnesses.

    If any of the boys WERE interested in me, their good little JW parents steered them clear, QUICK! No matter if I WAS an elder's daughter....why didn't they go after another elder's daughter like...ODRADE?

    Oh well, I didn't want any of the geeky, witness boys anyhow. I would much rather have been w/ someone interesting. And I don't seem to be having any problem lately w/ attracting guys. What do nerdy pioneer boys know anyhow?


  • Odrade

    Luna, it's "geek." How many times do I have to tell you? I AM NOT A NERD!!!


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