How Do You Get Most of Your News?

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  • 2+2=5
    CNN sucks. I like Fox News best, I also find SpongeBob SquarePants reliable and informing.
  • smiddy

    Their is not one news source I rely on .I watch and read news from a variety of different sources as I try to get a balance on things.

  • freddo

    BBC mainly. Bit of ITN and Channel 4.

    Occasional online newspaper articles. Especially local or specialised stuff.

    Anything I want to check out "and google is my friend" and just identify and avoid the tin hat wearers ...

    Really important stuff (to me) and I'll check the writer's history and background.

  • WTWizard

    I trust CNN about as much as the three little pigs trust the big bad wolf. None. I have Google News as a home page, but I view that as only a rough guide of what is really happening. I have several political sites I regularly get e-mails from, and I also trust Infostormer (even though they are not perfect--they push that all blacks are rubbish, which is not the case, and they push that damnation book as the solution which is also not true). But, they get the news out in ways that are not politically correct, they do not give a f*** if they offend people with the truth (even if they are not perfectly accurate), and they get into stories that CNN cannot deal with.

    I also look at Silver Doctors sometimes. Again, they have their faults. But, for financial news, they are much better than anything the lamestream is going to come up with. You just have to look between the flip-flops, many of which are created as the banks do unpredictable things to throw them off. I will put up with the fact that no one source is going to be perfect, and use multiple sources to try and find the most likely point where the real truth is. And yes, sometimes the truth offends--especially those who profit from the lies.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Q) How do I get most of my news?

    A) Rummers and innuendos.

  • minimus

    Yes....remember when simply reading Awake! gave you all the information that you really needed?

  • Hairtrigger
  • Heartsafire

    I get most of my news from seven fat men in New York.

    Haha. Jk

  • Chook

    Financial news - Martin Armstrong blog and zero hedge.

    Normal news- Daily mail online

    religous news - on here

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