How Do You Get Most of Your News?

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  • minimus

    I read that many people get their news from Facebook. I look online mostly at Fox News and The Drudge Report. Very seldom do I look at CNN.😎

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Zero Hedge.

  • minimus

    Zero hedge is good!

  • kairos

    I watch as much of the speeches and activities of the govt officials as I can.

    For example, i watched the president's entire speech regarding the climate agreement, comments from friends and multiple media sources.

    Research is the key.

  • minimus

    Kathy griffin news is best,😏

  • SAHS

    For me, CNN is, as the jingle goes, “the most trusted name in news.” It is the top news network in the world’s most powerful country.

    Although, I just wish that they would have a more well-rounded coverage, included more international items. It seems that for the past year, it’s been all Trump campaign this and Russian scandal that, and Former FBI Director James Comey this and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn the other thing – ad nauseam!

    Notwithstanding, I have the highest regard for all the CNN news reporting team, especially anchormen Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, and correspondents Jake Tapper and Michael Ware, etc. They are all top-notch, in my opinion, regardless of whatever politicizing the general focus of their network has been subjected to. (I suppose that, in the end, big business is big business, even in Ted Turner’s big Time Warner enterprise.)

  • GrreatTeacher

    There is no "The Media."

    There are dozens of different news outlets, each with their own particular flavor.

    You've got to look at it all and then come to your own conclusions.

  • jp1692


    Deliberately listen to/read/watch news sources with biases different than your own. Otherwise you might as well just keep reading the WT & Awake! and watching JW TV as your news source.

  • nonjwspouse

    jp that is exactly my opinion. I do not exclusively read/listen/.watch any one source or viewpoint.

    Otherwise your mind is in a bubble!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I haven't watched network news since the Sandy Hook shootings in my state. Word gets around fast. If something big is brewing, I check The Washington Post (at least it's intelligently written) and Aljazerra (English). I have both apps on my phone.

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