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    Hi guys,

    The rariety of open talk about such dark, usually family, secrets is the necessary spark, imho. The spark to say this is unacceptable. I have already thanked Zep (I think) about talking with me. Thank you also. I know it's an uncomfortable subject, but I guess all murder is.

    It is a fine thing for me to talk - however uncomfortable sometimes - because my dad's personality, probably not to his extreme, are a dime a dozen. Again - look to the Nazis and the German people in general (who turned out to be like Society in general).

    There was a good movie on TNT this week called Trial at Nuremburg. Very good. Much emphasis on the emotional/mental makeup of 1)German Society before Hitler 2)Why Hitler could get these people to obey him in montrous ways 3)how the people could feel no remorse for their actions.

    On of the best quotes of the movie was by the physchiatrist who interviewed the German officers on trial.

    I've looked for the meaning of evil. I believe it can be found in the absence of empathy.

    Sometimes I think that's how my father accomplished his perversness. However, it is unfathomable to me that he could not identify with the screaming of children and animals. Of course, the Nazis heard screaming also - and they had no empathy, so I guess it's possible - no matter how hard to accept or understand.

    Another note from the Trial at Nuremburg was that one of the reasons (and I'm sure there were political ones as well) that the German officers were put on trial was that Americans, British, etc. military were on very friendly terms with the vanquished enemy. To the point of being insulting to the death of 8 million people.

    The point wanted to be made that this type of murder was unacceptable and could not be allowed to happen again. And as long as people did not understand, and have empathy for the millions killed and tortured, the threat was ever present.

    However, in minor wars, such as Bosnia, the Serbs, etc. this same type of evil still goes on. In our own families, and sometimes neighbors, this evil still goes on. It's human nature. The more we bring it out in the daylite, the harder it will be for evil persons to murder.

    Well, off my soapbox. Thanks. The maker of Heaven's Littlest Angels did an awesome amount of work. There are links within this site to areas of authorities and guidelines, etc. It's a slow site, music could be turned off, but an exceptional effort for dead kids. Please go visit if you haven't.


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