"Keep in touch as a family." He said.

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  • Darkknight757

    Thanks Searcher. I honestly think that each one needs to come to that critical point where they question Watchtower before they can have an awakening. I hope for their sake they do.

    We told them that this leaving Watchtower stands us to gain nothing. We are losing all our (conditional) friends and family. But truth is truth. Watchtower isn't "truth" and what we know now makes it impossible to go back.

  • ToesUp

    "GB could announce that Armageddon was never coming or the paradise earth is not happening and majority would not blink an eye"

    I have made this statement to my spouse before. It is amazing to watch these people drool all over the GB and the WT. I believe if they poured the kool aid many in our family would drink it with a smile. Sad!

  • Vidiot

    Lostandfound - "...I believe deliberately the 'flock' have been bred to not ask questions and more importantly, not to be capable of answering them..."

    Hard to argue with.

  • scratchme1010

    So toward the end my father-in-law said that we can keep in touch "as a family." Not sure if any of you might be able to explain that? He also said to email any questions that we have and he can give us answers. I told him thank you but no. He's far too old to destroy his faith like that and I told him that.

    I'm sorry to hear about losing your children. My condolences.

    I am glad that you remained in charge of your decision in spite of them only having "blinded by Satan" to say to you. That is not simple thing to say.

    Although I do not know the entire background story, though, I wonder why the drastic decision of cutting ties in spite of them wanting to leave the door open "as family". I could guess that you don't want to hear their nonsense about seeing your children in paradise on Earth, but I wonder if there's more that makes you not wanting them in your life.

    Don't get me wrong, I too walked away from my entire family and I'm very happy that they aren't part of my life, but in my case there's more than the Jehovah crap that made me step away from my family.

    I always lean towards advocating for maintaining a family relationship (a healthy one, of course) when/if possible. So my guess is that it may be his way of wanting to keep the door open and maintain some sort of relationship.

    In my case, some of my JW family members want me in their lives. I decided not to because they one an unilateral relationship. They expect me not to say anything about me and my life that they don't want to hear, yet they still want me in their lives like that. It is an effort to stay in touch and feel good that they have a relationship with me, but it's not a loving, respectful, not even real relationship.

    My guess is that in their own way they are trying to cope with losing you.

  • Darkknight757

    We told them we want them in our lives, but we will not discuss Watchtower. We told them that "if" they still want us in their lives it's their decision. We told them that we will understand and not be angry if they shun us.

  • steve2

    What JWs say to you beforehand is often very different from what they do afterwards. This for you is early days.

    Even if your father-in-law wanted to take a more moderate approach to you, he will soon feel the heat. I'm pleased you declined his offer to email your questions to him. What starts out as a sincere offer becomes a honey trap. Snap! Gotcha!

    Best wishes navigating the newly laid minefield.

  • Crazyguy

    You stated you lost two kids? In death? If so I could completely understand if you had no faith in a higher power and they should too.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well done for stating your stand with clarity and dignity.

    If we can all keep our dignity and poise in these sort of situations, whilst also relaying simple facts, it must play hovoc with the minds of those we speak with!

    They have been told that all who leave "are unhinged or aggressive or mentally diseased" , so when they see us composed and logical and dignified...it must make an impact.

    Best wishes to you!

  • Darkknight757

    So my wife had an interesting conversation with her mother yesterday. It seems that even with everything we said to them, not a thing sunk in. Now that is to be expected. What is funny is that they firmly feel as if this is just a phase we are going through and we will return!! We made it clear that we are never going back and this is what she heard?!!

    She wants us to go to their Memorial this upcoming year. I explained to them that it is an inversion ritual, a Satanic Black Mass. They also want us to accept a shepherding call. Why? So I can hammer them for hours and they not absorb a single thing? Waste of time and energy!!

    Either way she made it clear that if we talk bad about the organization, or if we envoke evil apostates they will shun us. How sad. I didn't realize they were so far gone! How sad that they care so little for their own flesh and blood daughter.

    Anyways sorry for the rant. We did do a Life Breath session yesterday! I recommend it to all who have an open mind.

  • dubstepped

    Sorry to hear it, but not surprised. It takes a measure of denial to be a good dub. They can't accept your new life, so they deny it. They will absolutely deny that you even exist if needed to keep up their own illusion. I had a deal with my mom as we were unknowingly on our own way out. We just wouldn't discuss JW stuff anymore. We would go to their house to visit and it was all us trying to come up with things to talk about. They have nothing without their cult. Of course, now we'll likely never speak again. Sounds like you're going down a similar road.

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