Gonna read the new bible front to back

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  • slimboyfat
    I don't expect to learn much, I just want to understand what I'm up against.

    I listen to “woman’s hour” on Radio 4 for similar reasons,

  • jws

    Jayk wrote:

    But in all seriousness I just want to understand what my family believes a little better.

    I'd say reading their bible is a mixed bag to find out what they believe. The Bible is generally the Bible. You can word a few passages differently or in your favor. But IMO, that never really defines it.

    You kind of have to learn their doctrines from their other sources like the Watchtower and their books. And see the phrases they're using that sync up to things in their bible. You probably aren't going to understand when you see it in their bible. It's subtle things here and there. Like using the word torture stake instead of cross. You maybe don't even see the difference and are still thinking cross. But that subtle difference is key to one of their beliefs. Or how they use the word "undeserved kindness" instead of grace.

  • steve2

    But in all seriousness I just want to understand what my family believes a little better.

    Cool. Go to JW publications if your goal is 'to understand a little better what your family believes'.

  • TD

    But in all seriousness I just want to understand what my family believes a little better.

    JW doctrines are not deducible from the Bible. (Theirs or any other translation.)

    They've actually been quite open about that fact.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I would recommend trying a couple of different translations, especially if the going gets difficult. For the OT, a paraphrase is fine. The Living Bible reads quite easily, and the Good News Bible is a good choice for a first time Bible reader. There are others as well. For the NT I prefer the Phillips.

    The new NWT is admittedly much better than the old one, but it is still a bit hard to follow in places.

  • Jayk
    I'm really taken back by all the feed back about actually doing it and not a bunch of negative responses.
  • cofty

    To be fair I was quite negative.

  • Simon

    As long as you can make it past Leviticus, it's plain sailing and you get into the fun fairy story parts of talking animals, like the Chronicles of Narnia (which is a much more fun re-write of the bible)

    And Jehonodab begat Zerrubakiahdebob

    And Zerrubakiahdebob begat Spongebob

    [ 2 weeks of your life later ]

    And Flobadobadob begat Ungawongadong ...

  • Jayk

    The only time it gets confusing is when it starts naming off fathers and then all the sons. I can follow it but it I have had to go back and reread those parts sometimes.

  • smiddy3

    What`s the new light bible ? And how does it differ from the old light Bible ?

    If either of those Bibles contain the Old Testament and by any chance you actually get through reading all of this and you still think Jehovah God is a God of Love ?

    Then you need to get your head read by a shrink.

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