Leah Remini to do episode on JW's

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  • cobweb

    Saw this on reddit so this is a bit of a copy/paste jobie but I thought there would be people here excited about this as I am. I've enjoyed her show on scientology and seems like in season 3 she is branching out with Jw's getting the first episode.


  • stuckinarut2

    Bring it on!

    But one episode is nowhere near enough!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great news! Looking forward to this.

  • carla
  • LV101

    Woo-hoo/can't wait! I love that gal -- she was the best one on King of Queens or whatever it was called. They had to bring her back on the new show to give it hope -- I don't know if it helped.

  • LisaRose

    That's excellent news. I haven't seen the entire series but I watched one episode and she did a great job exposing Scientology, she just let people tell their stories.

  • flipper

    This is awesome news ! I wish Leah could spend more time than just one episode on Jehovah's Witnesses ; but I understand there are hundreds of damaging mind control cults out there to expose. I think it will be a good format exposing different cults each week . Awesome ! Leah's the bomb . Pretty cool

  • Wakanda

    Maybe she will do a review show at the end of season three that has some sort of update on every cult or the victims she interviewed. Or maybe she will have Steven Hassan on again and he will freely speak about each of the cults she exposed.

  • jws

    One episode is good. I'm sure they could do a whole show. But that's not her area. She's a former Scientologist. While she can say look, similar things go on in other religions. It's not *just* Scientology. There's only so much time she is able to devote on other religions.

    What we need is an ex-JW celebrity to do a show so they will bring in viewers. But, I don't see that having much of an effect. Whereas Scientology embraced and used celebrities, for the most part, the JWs seem to look the other way on celebrities. From the stories I've heard, they very much seem to skirt the line (or cross it) and I don't think they're getting kicked out. Prince still did some of his raunchier songs from what I heard. I see Venus Williams doing sexy ads. And as a result, I think the JWs don't see them as very good JWs in the first place. Oh, they're happy to brag "this celeb is one of us"! But deep down, don't think of them as true JWs, as dedicated as themselves. So if they did a show, the JWs would dismiss it and say "Ha! I knew it! They weren't strong JWs." And then ignore the whole show.

    I'm sure there are JWs watching Leah Remini's show. Because they like seeing stuff against other religions. So they might get a wakeup if she talks about JWs. But she can't go further and IMO, we'll have to suffice with this.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    This does not bode well for the Governing Body of Imbeciles all this public exposure of their evil policies that cause great harm their members. No way will the GB be able to live this one down and it will only get far worse for them from here on.

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