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    Cold Steel

    I wonder if any JW children believe that Caleb is real?

    Pete Zahut ยป Caleb is a computer generated cartoon so he's resurrected electronically every time someone watches his antics on their screen.
    But at least it's the same Caleb. If you are made alive, reconstituted as it were, you're just a copy. God can make a thousand copies of you, each one of them swearing he's the real deal.

    Shoot one...rub one out of existence...and there's 999 copies. And if they were unaware of each other, each would think he's the original "Pete Zahut." But what of the one we just snuffed? He's out of here, every bit the guy he was before Jehovah created him. And we have 999 left who are no wiser.

    Alas, all we need is one resurrection, not 999; so we snap our celestial fingers and snuff another 998. Now we've got one left and he thinks he's the original (we're not telling him about the others).

    I'm not the only one to think of this problem with the soul sleeping doctrine. Those who believe in soul sleeping don't seem to be bothered by it.

    In an early episode of Stargate SG1, the group travels to a new address where they're knocked unconscious. They come to, but they're dressed in other clothing than what they were wearing when they got there. They return home with their strange story, but discover they aren't themselves. They're stronger, faster and their batteries run down.

    Batteries? That's right. They discover they're cyborgs. And they want their bodies back! They return to the planet, demand to be placed back in their original bodies and then discover to their horror that they haven't been switched to new bodies. They're sophisticated clones with every memory, feeling, hope and foible of the originals.

    It was a great episode. And it shows the problem with soul sleeping. Despite the best of intentions, every cake, even if the recipe is identical, will be different.

    Caleb is simply a computer character. Nonintelligent. A cipher. Boot him up and he's the same. But intelligence is another matter. If it can be created it can be replicated.

    And that makes Jehovah very sad ๐Ÿ˜ข.

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