Do you have post-borg reunion stories?

by John Free 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • John Free
    John Free

    Six months ago I knocked on my sister's door. She was shocked to see me "God JohnFree, who has died" she said smiling. She was disfellowshipped 20 years ago.

    I had not seen her for years. My first words to her were "I've left it", I went on to apologise for cutting her out of my life for the last 2 decades, I know, an apology doesn't quite make up for it. Nevertheless, she held absolutely no bitterness towards me, and a strong relationship is growing between us and our families, which is so good! Cousins playing together etc. I'm fortunate to have her! She was the first of 14 members of my extended family to leave the Borg, only 7 remain in (not including those born since). There have been many reunions over the years. Things were really tough for her when she was disfellowhipped at 18, the very age a person needs parental guidance and love. But now she has so many friends around her and much of her family. While things do not always work out this well, there is hope, people will wake up.

    Do you have similar reunion stories?

  • Diogenesister

    I'm so glad for you John free, what an amazing, brave, good hearted person your sister're a lucky boy.

    Thanks for sharing👍

  • ducatijoe

    Yes I have been to a couple of post reunions. Many are still mad about their life as a JW.

    To me, life goes on, life can be great. We all need to move on. I do understand some need more help than others.

    But as a JW I was controlled and judged. Now it is time to make the most of our lives.

    Life outside is great!

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