lf you could be god would you and why and what would you change?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana
    we need not think about evil and suffering because evil is the absence of goodness and suffering is the consequence of choosing evil.

    I profoundly disagree that humans suffer because they have chosen evil. This is unsupportable by evidence and is perpetuated by reference to Bible myths on the origin of imperfection, in turn based on the myth of a former and perfect Golden Age.

    Where is your reasoning Venus?

  • venus


    You wrote: "Unsupported by evidence?"
    You can put your hand in the fire and suffer burning injuries or but with your hands you can caress somebody and both of you can enjoy a sweet experience.
    What I wrote is solely based on my experience, and what happened to Germany everyone is aware.
    But with regard to natural calamities, and children born with diseases … etc. I have no answer.
  • venus

    Half banana,

    Many suffer as though in hell (I have some friends in this category) because they want to be successful ones (success, as defined by others) whereas they have the freedom to lead a satisfied life (satisfaction, as defined by themselves)
    Their problem is greed; and greed is evil because it ensures seldom used abundance in one place and privation on the other side, and greed (evil) is chosen.
    See the contrasting results when the opposite of greed is chosen—the whole earth would be a paradise without God doing anything.
  • pale.emperor

    Very simple. Allow me to pick up after that incompetent Jehovah had created Adam and Eve. I wont create a tree to test them. And i'd communicate directly with the human race. People are given a choice to "allow me to look after them" like a father. NOT WORSHIP. I dont want to be worshipped, i just want to look after my humans.

    Those who let me look after them are given whatever they want, they're intelligent, they live very long lives and eventually fall asleep in complete bliss and pass away. When they pass away they're with me up here and can come back down for visits every now and then.

    Those who dont want me to look after them are free to go and on the other side of the world. The people living there get sick, the grow old, they experience hardship. They can come back whenever they want and let me look after them and nothing bad will happen.

    Anyone who attempts to harm a child is zapped immediately.

  • venus

    I am also for God directly speaking to us, thus clearing all doubts for ever.

  • Xanthippe

    If I could be God for a day apart from providing a cure for all diseases I would tell people that there's no need for religion. That nobody needs to be worshipped or appeased, that idea's part of humanities' childhood.

    That there are no rules except treat other humans with knowledge, compassion and empathy. It's important to use your intelligence and your instincts together so stop ignoring feelings because they're part of your evolution.

    Stop worrying about death and live now, to the fullest every day. There is no hell or punishment so just chill and enjoy life. That all bets are off so just wait and see.

  • ttdtt

    I would not have made intelligent creatures as weak frail and as transient as mankind.

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