It Might Have Hit The Fan

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    I haven't associated with the jws for at least 6 months. They do not know that I am an apostate. Maybe till just now becaue I was browsing reddit and stumbled upon a story from a paper about $4000 a day fine imposed upon watchtower. So I copied the link and sent it via text to an elder who was my friend.

    This elder is very uber and hates apostates.

    So from now on I can expect to be shunned with a vengeance.

    I hope that he opens the link. Either way things will happen as regards my relationship with him. I have stayed silent up until now but I have lately been tempted to do a bit of unwitnessing. I hope I can handle the repercussions. My heart is beating a bit faster because of the adrenaline surge.

    Why did I do that?

  • waton

    Why did you not ask for advice here? or send it from an unknown source? Elders are local protectors, and will react badly if they are seen to be allowing dissent in the ranks of their flock. He has to assume that you have been blabbering to others.

  • Finkelstein

    Why did I do that?

    Because your honest and concerned about the situation of religious organizations covering up instances of pedophilia in their organization.

  • freddo

    If you don't want to "blow up" then just say that a workmate/neighbour emailed it to you asking about it and you just emailed it on "to an elder" as you wanted the elders opinion please as it seems very troubling to you.

    Why did you not ask for advice here? or send it from an unknown source?

    I have been tempted to do this for a long time. Ever since I have heard about the scandals involving watchtower. It was just the means of getting this to them without self-harm. That was the problem.

    As regards sending it to an elder, they are the ones who were my friends.

    Bad choice of friends hey.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    If the elder is your friend he won't be now! It might have been better to approach him with the idea of confidentially sharing the information on the fine rather than baiting him with an anti JW story. Perhaps you did it because it seemed exciting. Anyway I hope you get an interesting response-- but of course gung-ho JWs run on theocratic rails which means you will be targeted as a disloyal apostate. Never mind it's only JWs who will be against you and that's like being savaged by a dead sheep.

  • Giordano

    Look at this another way............ you sent information from a news source. The pedophile issue is not an apostate issue. You can use the ARC and the news media and not fly that apostate flag. You can establish the grounds for being generally stumbled.

    No JW contact in six months? Your doing well. However don't rattle their cage.

  • scratchme1010
    Why did I do that?

    Maybe subconsciously you don't like living in a lie?

    Either way, I hope you get to a point where, like me and others, don't even use the term apostate since that's their lingo and has nothing to do with our real lives.

  • Poztate

    If the elder confronts you act surprised. Tell him I am sure the same information could be found at jw.borg under news and legal developments from around the world. It isn't there yet ??... I am sure it will be updated very very soon. They might want to update legal developments from Australia at the same time to reflect the ARC and child sexual abuse issues they have. Oh you didn't know that either ??

  • smiddy3

    If the s**t does hit the fan just tell him your PC has been highjacked and deny you had anything to do with it.

    (theocratic warfare in reverse)

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