The Cult Guide To Raising Children

by pale.emperor 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Chook

    What all JW parents put their children through IS child abuse, no wordly friends, no sports, meetings, door knocking, birthdays, all holiday celebrating, no playing with guns swords , no hunting ( I don't know how they think their steak got on dinner plate without a violent ending ) The problem with JWs is that the word NO is constantly before them just like the kid in the drama who couldn't even play the bloody violin without some twisted scripture.

  • Vidiot

    BTW, anybody remember this?

    I didn't make the connection then, but later I realized it was right around this time (or shortly afterwards) that the Org published a piece "clarifying" that the Biblical "rod of discipline" was actually comparative to the rod a shepherd used to gently guide his sheep (as opposed to beating the shit out of them).

    I've always thought corporal punishment was bullshit. Whenever old-school JWs lamented its taboo in modern society, I'd always call them out on it, even when I was a dutiful JW myself.

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