In the Shadow of Sin-Portuguese documentary

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso
    The translation of second video is on the march... ;)
  • smiddy

    I`m looking forward to it


  • Khaleesi

    DS:"....people ask why doesn't Jehovah do anything about it??..?... he does that's why we go door to door...".....WHATTTT!!

    SORRY NO, Jehovah doesn't do anything about it because you are GUILTY.... & It's not Jehovah that doesn't want to do anything, it's YOU the WTBTS that doesn't do anything. ....

    your response disgusts me....

  • TJ Curioso
  • LevelThePlayingField

    TJ Curioso - man, that video you posted at your website is sweet! Thanks for the translation. So Splaine flew all the way to Portugal for damage control and still managed to fail. Nice! This will wake up and shake up a bunch of folks no doubt.

    I tell ya, I can't wait for another episode like this to hit the good 'ole USA.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Let me explain what I meant by Splaine doing his damage control and still managing to fail. He went there and and the parts during the video where you hear him speak, all you hear him say is 'don't listen to them. Don't believe what they say, it's all one-sided.' Ok, yeah, but then the report goes on to say that Splaine never then gives his side of the story. So he never addresses the issue, which is the whole fricken reason why all those brothers and sisters packed the assembly hall in the first place!

    But hey, what are we to expect, this is the GB for crying out loud right? I guess if we wanted some smarts to come out of this we should have someone with a college degree go there.

  • talesin

    Judicial committees, child sexual abuse, 'no blood' doctrine, domestic violence, shunning, pioneering in severe poverty.

    This documentary exposed a lot of issues in 33 minutes. It's comprehensive, and cuts to the heart of the matter with vignettes of cult survivors, and their stories. Well done! Bravo! Looking forward to watching Part deux.

    Thank you, TJ Curioso, for the translations.


  • konceptual99
    Thanks for the translations. Great work.
  • EdenOne

    Obrigado, TJ Curioso.


  • crazy_flickering_light

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