No brain, No Life -- says JW Professor Rajesh Kalaria

by cognisonance 13 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Finkelstein

    What he missed is that the ancient Hebrew god was also made through mythological expressions toward a singular monotheistic god/creator,

    Jumping from a polytheistic set of beliefs over to a monotheistic set of belief is not hard or distinctly separate from one another. there is no evidence of support for either and words expressed by man alone is not proof.

    That's not to say nature or the biological make up of humans and all living species isn't fascinating.

  • cofty
    even going as far as admitting in the papers that this research could be useful for other primates on the phylogenetic tree

    Good catch.

  • btlc

    no brain, no life -- described the most of the JW i know...

    btw, wasn't official WT teaching from 1970ies that the heart is the center of man's thoughts and the kidneys are the center of man's personality?

  • Saename
    cognisonance - This being the case how then does he (or the JWs leadership that endorses his view) reconcile that with their belief in a resurrection.

    Er... no... The JW leadership doesn't endorse Kalaria's view. Kalaria endorses the view of the JW leadership. So, you got that backwards...

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