What Would You Yearn For From The Good Old Days?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    If you could go back in time .... when would it be and why??? - 1994.

    I was 15 at the time. It was the year before I got baptised so Watchtower hadn't yet become a pain in the ass.

    I also had lots of friends outside the cult, boys and girls I grew up with.

    I stood 1 inch shorter than I stand today but I was about 60 lbs lighter. Younger, 60 pounds lighter ... I was as fit as a fiddle, with no excess fat. I played lots of football. I could play for hours and still run 3 miles at a fast pace at the end of the same day. One of my non-JW mates had a German Shepherd-mix called Sasha and I remember racing her. He threw Sasha's tennis ball and the race was on! She beat me but I wasn't far behind. With my low body fat percentage, energy, conditioning and the confidence/arrogance/stupidity of youth I genuinely thought I had a chance of winning.

    The sun was always shining that summer and I remember the World Cup (USA '94).

    Some of my non-JW mates listened to jungle and happy hardcore music so sometimes we'd listen to that kinda stuff. As for TV shows we watched a lot of Red Dwarf.

    There were also about 5 or 6 really gorgeous girls about my age in my circle of mates so it was nice for a 15 year old boy to hang out with them and get the odd kiss or hugs.

    Also in September of that year I did my school work experience at the Natural History Museum. I've always liked animals, fossils and dinosaurs so that was great. I was put in an office in the earth sciences department, before it was redesigned and the escalator and planet earth were installed. I actually saw print-outs of the plan for that particular exhibit.

    I remember going in my lunch break to the museum's bookshop. I picked up a definitive volume on the great white shark and started reading. My lunch break was an hour but I made it back to my department over 2 hours later. They were cool about it ... some of them had lunches in the pub anyway! ... I still remember the name of the head of my department - Jacqui Staerk.

    Also in my department there was a cute Polish woman with brown hair cut into a bob, plus there was a cute British woman with long, curly hair. When you're a teenage boy with raging hormones you kinda notice stuff like that.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    The Body Shop on Sunset Strip, circa 1984. Zoom in hard enough and you'll see my aura floating around Van Halen.

    As a former blonde, I used to walk around in high school thinking I was Bobbie Brown out of that Warrant video clip, Cherry Pie. And this was in the 2000s.

  • sparrowdown

    Hmmm, the good ole days huh...

    Actually after giving it some thought I don't really yearn anything, I really am more of a here and now type of girl.

  • tiki

    Well for one thing....in the USA.....anything prior to this immoral unethical horrendous idiot in the white house would be good....and we used to have real food...then Monsanto came along and pumped it all up with carcinogens and deleted flavor..texture...healthfulness....and so now people keep eating because the food is nutritionally deficient...and they get fat...then everyone has to run to the gym to get "fit", yet you look around and normal sized people are the rarity. And then they decide that this drug or that drug will take this symptom away...and the pharmaceuticals enrich themselves exponentially...oh don't get me started. A time when people used their bodies and worked and had real healthful food to eat.

  • flipper

    " What would you yearn for from the good old days ? "

    That the Beatles never would have broke up in 1970 and carried on producing more music until John Lennon was killed.

    And that Robert Plant & Jimmy Page would get Led Zeppelin back together with John Bonham's son Jason Bonham on drums and John Paul Jones on bass - and produce more new music and songs in the studio.

    If these two things happened - I'd be a happy guy

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