Would you still be angry with Lloyd Evans ?

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  • BettyHumpter
    If instead of Thailand, he had gone to a place where its legal and (supposedly) has some sort of oversight to prevent exploitation? Like Nevada in the U.S or Amsterdam in Europe? Would the being unfaithful part still be a deal breaker as far as supporting his channel? What if he was single?

    For me, apart from the potential exploitation factor, it was the making it public. If my spouse confessed to me that they had cheated with an escort, i'd be hurt and furious. If they then told the world via the internet they had done this, i'd be hurt, furious with the additional dagger of public humiliation thrown in.

    If he had been single, i'd say "Yuck, but to each his own".

    What do you think?
  • Simon

    It would be slightly less bad - on the scale of normal to dumb-fuckery, he'd move the needle by the width of the needle.

    But he didn't and he wasn't (single), so what's the point of the moral relativism?

    The combination of supposed CSR advocate using significantly younger prostitutes in high-trafficked countries while married and then the arrogant claims that there was no wrong done and it's no one's business? Priceless.

  • Hellothere
    He still has lots of followers.
  • DarleneGatus

    Betty, I think you make some good points. I lived in China for 7 years as a JW missionary, and I've known a few people from Thailand, and although prostitution is not legal in those countries, and is frowned upon, it is widely available and not necessarily more immoral than prostitution in Amsterdam or other places where sex work has been legalized. Having said that, a truly spiritual person, in any religion, would not have sex without love. So if the rumors about Lloyd are true, then you could conclude that he is not a spiritual person and maybe has emotional problems or maybe is even a sex addict. However, that doesn't negate everything he has said and done on his channel. My question is simply, if you wouldn't blindly follow the GB, why would you then blindly follow Lloyd?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    I think that’s an oversimplification. If it occurred in a vacuum and this was a one-off for an otherwise pleasant activist with integrity I believe this would have all gone away by now. But…

    • He used Patreon funds for this. He even admitted before all this happened that he was almost entirely supported by these donations, so no matter how he may spin it, the 4 or 5 books he sells a month is not covering a 2 month trip to Thailand.
    • he has crowdfunded hundreds of thousands of dollars from exiting cult members over the last decade to fund his lifestyle and created his own cult.
    • he has weaponised people to go after those he does not like and this continues today
    • he has taken his family on holidays round the world all paid for by xjws and has disguised it as “activism”.
    • he attacks CSA survivors for relating their concerns about his activities in Thailand
    • he has consistently lied and gaslit people who didn’t agree with him
    • he has sabotaged other activists he didn’t like
    • he pirated COC and then blamed it on everyone else and Paul Grundy
    • he has consistently treated his wife like trash and betrayed her dating back to 2009 and continues to blame it on “sexual repression”
    • he humiliated her on his livestream saying she didn’t sexually satisfy him
    • he continues to attack and troll people who have called him out.
    • he has sent out 12 letters demanding money from other exJWs for telling the truth about him
    • he is currently “criminally” suing 7 exJWs in a Croatian court
    • he has threatened to come after Kim Silvio for the next 40 years, even flying to Australia to legally harass her

    But other than that, he’s a great guy who should be given another chance.

  • vienne

    He doesn't make me angry. Takes more than his Tomfoolery to do that. I am, however, revolted. He cheated on his wife. Aside from the harm that does to her and their children, it tells us something about his ethics. He is untrustworthy. Aside from that, he's just boring, off point and rather stupid.

    His lack of morals shows that he isn't really an x-JW seeking to expose cultic wrongdoing. He left/was thrown out because of moral issues that have only gotten worse. Prostitution of any short is questionable.

  • slimboyfat

    Would I still dislike broccoli if it didn’t taste bad?

    Would I still avoid falling over if it didn’t hurt?

    Would I still hate Mondays if they happened on Fridays?

    Would I like football better if it was tennis?

    Life’s imponderables

  • TonusOH

    I find his situation fascinating and funny, mostly because he is an unpleasant person whose actions have led to his own humiliation, and his efforts to 'fix' things only ever make it worse. I think that for me, the one thing that would make me feel some sympathy for him would have been if he hadn't been such an obnoxious and mean person for so many years. We will root for people who fall, even when it is their own fault, if we feel that they are generally good or nice people. But we will enjoy the downfall of people who are arrogant and mean to others, especially when it is their own fault.

    For Evans, the issue is that he appears to depend primarily on the support of people who subscribe to his Patreon and who donate funds when he requests it. They are the ones who are likely very offended by the fact that he cheated. Some may be unwilling to support him for the act of buying sex, but I don't think that it would have sunk his efforts at fundraising by itself. I think that the issue for many of them is that this was an ongoing behavior from a married man with two children. Aside from the moral concern, there is also the worry that he might give his wife an STD. There would also be the concern that, if caught, he might end up in prison. Not so easy to make videos moralizing against a cult when you're locked up for a month or more.

    But for me, he's mostly just entertainment. His approach to this problem has been to fight back and go after anyone and everyone, because it enrages him to think that they're enjoying a bit of schadenfreude over his self-inflicted wounds. So he keeps stepping up to the public stage to try and salvage the situation, only to make things worse for himself. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was working on a sitcom.

  • ozziepost
    His lack of morals shows that he isn't really an x-JW seeking to expose cultic wrongdoing. He left/was thrown out because of moral issues that have only gotten worse,

    Yep. I guess you could even say his ‘ex’ status is not what he proclaims.

  • notsurewheretogo

    The point is he partakes of sex workers where the industry has an environment of exploitation and abuse and he has fought for Child Sex Abuse victims in cults who were exploited and abused.

    The two are polar opposite and its sheer hypocrisy.

    Whether it is legal in the country that he frequents sex workers is pretty much irrelevant.

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