Films with nudity

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    And, sometimes we can be shocked by what a respected JW actually believes. When I was a good, obedient, non-questioning jw, I was floored when visiting a highly respected Brisbane elder that I had been friends with for years.

    He said to me, "I wish the society would stay out of our bedrooms.:

    I was puzzled and responded, "What are you thinking of?"

    Then came this surprising statement: "I mean, that its none of their business if I have anal sex with my wife!"

    Wow! But he was right, of course. The bible nowhere forbids having anal sex with a woman.

    The JW leadership starts teaching on this topic by imagining that both anal and oral sex were first practised by homosexuals. There is no evidence that that is the case, at all. Its much easier to think that men attracted to men or even men deprived of women used heterosexual practises when they wanted to have sex with another male.

    Sometimes the argument that god made sex for procreation is also used in the above discussion. But, at least for humans, sex is used for recreation, not procreation,

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