Films with nudity

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  • ElderEtta

    In the 1970s when I left WT, two of my favorite episodes on TV were Colombo and Murder She Wrote. I always thought there was a huge contradiction on the fact that we could watch murder and not watch nudity.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I love Columbo, just finished watching the whole series, 1968-2003.

  • stillin

    With one foot still planted in the religion, my wife and I went to Paris. Nudity in art was everywhere; widely respected and beautiful in its' presentation. Unabashed beauty. It occurred to me that Paris would be off limits to at least 8 million uptight people.

  • joe134cd

    Even when I was pimi, nudity in its context was fine by me.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I've heard that European JWs have looser standards regarding movies, (different rating systems) and public nudity, (like at the beach). Nothing confirmed though.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    Nudity and sex are not ok, however violence and war are not a problem to watch. Look at the Hezekia movie.

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    my JW family watched a lot of foreign films, and they had nudity in them. It depends on the context. Does it move the story forward? Is it someone taking a bath, or is it porn? It's a continuum. I'm hard to offend, but I still don't like gratuitous sex or violence just for the sake of it. It needs to be part of the story and in the appropriate degree.

    Europeans in general have a more relaxed view of nudity than Americans. We do come from Puritans and that has carried through to the general immaturity and repression Americans display around the subject.

    Whenever I talked about it to any JW that was offended, I'd always ask, "you know you're naked under your clothes, right?" that usually made them stop and think...

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It’s interesting the OP mentioned Titanic.

    The year after Tiranic won every award under the sun, the District Overseer visited our circuit 25 in Woodland Hills and gave a public discourse denouncing by name Titanic for its pornography and Star Wars for it’s mockery of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

    He shamed everyone in the audience that went to see the movies and didn’t walk out of theatres.

  • stillin

    Girl, maybe this has been my problem all along: I would have had a hard time keeping my opinion to myself if a CO thought so much of himself as to push his opinion of,on the sheeples like that. First of all, the nudity was not over the top in Titanic. He would need to be informed of that if he had not seen the movie himself. Perhaps he was taking the word of some brother that was reaching out.

    Second, nearly every movie or story line had "good guy versus bad guy." Just like Jesus versus Satan Get over yourself, CO!

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    Even Jesus wasn't born wearing magical underwear - he wasn't a Mormon after all.

    Seriously, it's quite telling that violence is considered more acceptable than a nude human, or a couple having consensual sex.

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