Do You Think The Mayor of London Is Doing a Good Job?

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  • minimus

    His city seems pretty dangerous especially since he has taken over and of course he just loves Trump. lol

  • LoveUniHateExams

    No, Sadiq Khan is not doing a good job as London mayor.

    He spoke about terrorism being part & parcel of life in a big city. Really? - Tokyo, Warsaw, Budapest?

    His reign as mayor has seen an explosion of violent crime this year, too.

    He has no real solution to this because any real solutions involve stop and search - something Khan has previously called racist.

    Mind you, we've never had a great London mayor. XD

    Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and now Sadiq Khan.

    I suppose Boris is the least bad of those tossers.

    Welcome to London. Twinned with Mogadishu. XD

  • cobweb

    I don't live in London but I like Sadiq Khan.

    Looking at this chart, there does seem to have been an uptick of homicide in London from its low in 2014. It was headed in a higher direction from then while B Johnson was still mayor. Its nothing exceptional though from a historical perspective. It has been much higher for multiple years this century.

    When you say his city looks pretty dangerous, what city are u comparing it to? London tends to get compared to New York as its a similar size. On that basis, its much safer with only 116 homicides in 2017 against 290 in New York based on figures i just looked at.

  • snare&racket

    I am always in London.

    My family live smack bang in the middle.

    It’s an amazing city, it’s very safe and secure. I have lived and worked/studied in Manchester and Cardiff, spent my youth in Liverpool and now spend a lot of free time in London. It’s very safe, it’s as British as roast dinners and it’s as free as it always was.

    Policing in the UK has gone down the toilet because of the conservative government and the huge cuts to services.

    Alternative facts are for people who want you to see an alternate reality. Do your own research, don’t even believe me, you can only know YOUR motive.

    Has Sadiq done a good job in London? I’d say it was a moderate job. I think he is keeping his head down a little too much as he is eyeing up the Labour leader role. So he is avoiding controversy and in doing so not shaking things up enough. Is he’s bad mayor though? I see no evidence of that.

    Snare x

  • LV101

    snare&racket -- love London and good info knowing it's safe/secure.

    How can the gov't cut police -- they generate billions on tourism from US alone and need to keep it safe. I do hear people indicating they're afraid to return to Europe these days but doubt it's put a dent in their visitors/revenues.

  • cofty

    Sadiq Khan came to office promising to do everything within his power to cut 'stop and search'.

    The murder rate soared and then he told the police to 'stop and search'. Genius!

    He gives the impression of somebody who cares primarily about his popularity.

  • cobweb

    Violent crime seems to have increased in a number of metropolitan cities recently. Both Manchester and Newcastle for example. I think police cuts are definitely having an impact.

  • snare&racket

    This article is pretty neutral having read several before choosing one.

    Good summary of whats going on, including Mr Khans actions.

  • cofty

    Snare - It's a subscription-only article

  • cobweb

    can u cut & paste it. i can't get behind the paywall

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