I wish all Witness men were like this ...

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  • vienne

    My intro essay for the new book caused all sorts of off blog controversy. My writing partner, a retired educator and a Witness, responded. Why aren't more Witness men like this?




  • Giordano

    The real truth of the matter is that the WTBTS and it's dominant male cadre made a huge mistake. And what is that mistake.......they limited their women members. The very people who were contributing to the field service.

    It not about a 2000 year old discussion where a twisted self appointed apostle named Paul.

    Paul was very possibly a sexually confused person who couldn't step forward and say what he really was............ simply put........... a self hating Gay person.

    In following Paul's writings he reduced women to mere shadows......... even though many had a real devotion to the words of Jesus.

    We still live under that shadow.

    For a time these women showed courage and devotion. Paul and others........ who adopted the anti women position re their personal experience......... forced the women into the Society's second class. Cover your heads and be a 'helper' to your spiritual head.

    EVEN THOUGH anyone who served with women, of any age,.. saw that many of our sisters could reason better and be kinder then our brothers. It didn't matter. Instead the Society decided that the first century christian was the model and they adopted this model in the 19th century.

    Most all of the Bible studies held during the 30s, 40's, 50's, 60's, and into the 70's were conducted usually........ by sisters. And many of these sisters were so gifted.......... kind and very skilled.

    And it was the women who built this religion and the men who ruined it and made it into an example of evil as all religions have demonstrated. Dudes......... it's not about the junk between your legs....... it's about the junk in your heads.

    My parting words when I left the JW's was ...listen to the women.

  • Diogenesister

    Giordano Here Here!

    Many academics believe some of the letters attributed to Paul were fakes - including 2nd Timothy and the infamous “women to be silent in church” missive.

    Paul was financially supported by women who often travelled with him. He called one a “Deacon” (ministerial servant equivalent) and another an apostle though the jws will claim Junia is a man even though it is a woman’s name in the first century and never known as a mans name. He trusted women with his messages and letters to the congregations, too.

  • smiddy3

    Deborah was a prophetess and Judge of Israel with the approval of Jehovah .

    She taught she judged she must have been an amazing woman Judges Chapt. 4

    Jehovah doesn`t change so the Bible says.

    So why shouldn`t their be women in roles that are presently only allowed for men? in congregations ?

    And why isnt their a woman or two on the Governing Body to balance out the male ego`s of the present GB.?

    Deborah was blessed by Jehovah for her service maybe the GB should take note and make the needed changes .

    But then again since when have they been influenced by what the Bible actually says .?

  • slimboyfat

    The interesting issue here is the extent to which baptised versus non-baptised researchers can freely investigate and write Watchtower history. I have no idea why this is framed as an issue of gender, which frankly seems like a red herring.

  • vienne

    Slim, that is based on the offenders appealing to my writing partner and a blog editor, both male, to get me to delete key elements from my essay.

  • cofty

    I take it your writing partner has been getting some ‘get your woman under control’ emails?

    That is very typical JW behaviour.

  • vienne

    Yup, Crofty, that about sums it up. And he'd be the last person to try that.

  • slimboyfat

    You say that the people complaining are “both male”, but their maleness doesn’t in itself make their objections gender based, does it?

    Do these emails actually object to your input on the basis of your gender, rather than being a non-Witness and somewhat critical of the Watchtower Society?

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