Family members return to the cult years after not being assoicated.

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  • blownaway

    I have a couple of family members who not so much went back but never were associated and joined. One is a cousin, he is about 60 now. maybe a bit older. His father was a JW and out of his two sisters and brother only one sister was a JW and I don't think she is currently in. I worked with him in construction for many years. He would piss off roof tops say fuck every other word and just did not care much about anyone or thing. Now all of the sudden after all these years, he is now going to all the meetings got baptized and has FB pages with him and his kids in suit and tie at assemblies. Another one that is very strange is a cousin who was about 20 years my elder, never really went to meetings. His dad was in all his life. He would smoke, read porn like it was the daily mail, and curse like a sailor. He would treat his wife like a subject. When I would go over for coffee he would take his cup and bang the table and she would run out and fill it up. He would have her shave him as he sat in the tub ect. He would even hold his own meetings instead of going to meetings because he did not like the elders at the hall. His wife never really went or was associated with the JWs. Her family was not associated. He passed away with a hart attack and after he died, she sainted him and started to go to all the meetings got baptized and is holding the farm 80 acres as he left it for when he comes back. His youngest girl on FB talks about him as if he were there with Russell and started the cult. She is way to young and did not know him at all. This kind of mental behavior is so strange. Its a delusion so deep I can not get my head around it.

  • LongHairGal


    I have also seen this happen.

    Nothing is more sickening to me than seeing people who have been out 40 years and who have lived their lives and done EVERYTHING they wanted go back. They weren’t around when I was there taking the heat because of my full time job (which I’m thankful I held onto and am now retired).

    They still think it’s the “truth” even though it’s changed so much they’d never recognize it.

  • blownaway

    LHG, this is true. The brother to the cousin who went back came to my dads funeral. He has not went back but supports the cult. His wife is opposed as much as I am. He told me once that when it thunders out he goes and holds his kids because one day it will be Armageddon and he knows he will not make it.

  • millie210

    You know what blownaway? From far away (me) I see a certain perspective on your Aunts behavior.

    Your (dead) uncle is now the husband she always wanted. She gets to paint the marriage as successful after the fact. She is "holding the farm for him and being devout with the JWs, what a heroine in that small little local circle - or maybe just in her own mind?

  • blownaway

    Millie, that is true and messed up on so many levels. LOL

  • eyeuse2badub

    Sometimes people return to the borg because of the people. My oldest and dearest friends are all jw's or at least half-assed jw's. They all know my feelings about the borg and the gb but none of them seem to care and it doesn't seem to affect our friendship as far as I can tell.

    Just yesterday I went to the meeting to hear a friend give his first public talk. He's 45 years old and been a jw his whole life. Went out for pizza after the meeting and had a fantastic time with him, his family , and about 20 other jw friends. I was and elder in this cong for many years and made lots of friends.

    i love the people. i detest the organization that i would have at one time died for!

    just saying!

  • humbled
    He would piss off roof tops say fuck every other word and just did not care much about anyone or thing.
    I would go over for coffee he would take his cup and bang the table and she would run out and fill it up. He would have her shave him as he sat in the tub ect.

    Peeing off the building! Sounds like a boy raised with a big country porch and that attitude ...some men in these Arkansas counties have a lordly attitude toward women and rule their tick ridden farms like they owned the universe.

    maybe his wife just does like to be around the people like used2badub says. Kinda weak but kinda human.

    I t can get tiresome alone with chickens dogs and katydids. Go to meeting!

  • LV101

    Very often with aging/maturity comes great fear. Reality sets in and humans become scared of being alone and dying. They thus run to religion or when no other options are available act decent (if toxic) to their children. I'm well aware of this personally. It's not that they've all changed but (in the case of aging, toxic, evil, parents) they're darn old and plan scared. It's very common.

  • steve2

    People who are on the fringes of the organization - never in/never out - often have a totally different take on the organization. They never shake off their "existential need" for the religion so at some (convenient) future point they saunter back, even becoming more involved. If they went back for family reasons, I would understand but they don't.

    Reminds me of some of my own extended family: Too luke warm to ever be completely in or completely out.

  • Drearyweather

    Not all people who are awake leave the JW's. (PIMO)

    Not all people who leave the JW's are awake. (POMI)

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