Destroying Notes

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    I asked the AI Gemini about destroying notes. Here’s the response:

    This scenario raises several legal and ethical concerns:

    Potential Crimes:

    • Obstruction of Justice: As mentioned before, destroying detailed notes about abuse, especially after being subpoenaed by law enforcement, could be seen as obstruction of justice.
    • Tampering with Physical Evidence: In some jurisdictions, these detailed notes could be considered evidence, and destroying them would be tampering with evidence.

    Increased Scrutiny:

    • Mandatory Reporting: Many states have mandatory reporting laws that require clergy members to report suspected child abuse to the authorities. The specific details in the notes would likely trigger this mandatory reporting obligation.
    • Clergy-Penitent Privilege: Some states have a clergy-penitent privilege, which protects confidential communications between a member of the clergy and someone seeking spiritual guidance. However, this privilege typically has exceptions for crimes, and child abuse is a serious crime.

    Ethical and Religious Concerns:

    • Breach of Trust: Destroying the notes is a clear breach of trust with the victim who confided in the clergy member.
    • Duty to Protect: Most religions emphasize protecting the vulnerable, and destroying evidence of abuse could be seen as a violation of this duty.

    Legal Department Involvement:

    • Protecting the Institution: The religious institution's legal department might prioritize protecting the institution from legal liability. However, this could come at the cost of obstructing justice and failing to protect the victim.

    What the Victim Can Do:

    • Report the Abuse: The victim can still report the abuse directly to law enforcement. Even without the detailed notes, their testimony is valuable evidence.
    • Seek Legal Counsel: An attorney can advise the victim on their legal rights and options, which could include pursuing a civil lawsuit against the clergy member or the institution.


    Destroying the notes is a serious issue with potential legal and ethical consequences. While the religious institution may try to shield itself from liability, the priority should be protecting the victim and ensuring justice is served.

  • Vidiot

    Sometimes it seems like the WT makes an even bigger mess when they try to clean up the previous mess.


  • ThomasMore

    I recall a story about a hunter (trapper) who stepped into his own trap while trying to check it buried in the snow. He was unable to free himself and was forced to travel home with it attached to his ankle.

    WTC often is caught in the traps it lays. It seems that they have become active disinformation providers on certain social media, and they are quite attentive to respond quickly to anyone challenging them - very quickly I might add. I can only guess that this is their primary job, unlike most posters who occasionally catch up on the latest and post a few replies.

    On another platform, I read one such poster. The replies were Pro-WTC, and delivered all day long, often within seconds of dissenter comments. Maybe a newbie at WTC who has yet to learn how to be subtle?

    I recall that the gullible put faith in every word. It is important to remember also that WTC has been misleading (successfully) for well over 100 years. They are accomplished liars and control artists. They also learned from the Soviets who infiltrated them after WWII. Occasionally they show some brilliance so beware of underestimating them.

    When/if you spot a WTC troll, be aware. Like a wolf, they salivate at the thought of throwing an “apostate” out. Perhaps they get a bonus (an extra helping of “repeat loaf” at lunch) and get to ring a little bell too.

  • Vidiot

    Ironic thing is…

    …if the Org keeps reforming the way it has been (authentically or otherwise), these guys could be out of a job before too long.


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The Borg is and had always had been its worst enemy.

  • ThomasMore

    Vidiot - Until they are out of a job, they have a job and they get pats on the head for doing it - perhaps extra days of everlasting life???

  • enoughisenough

    I have watched a couple of videos by " fixing my faith", and WTNY ( Watchtower ) is being sued for "spoliation" of documents. They are obstructing justice and being penalized for it, paying out a lot in sanctions for destroying evidence, but it seems less expensive than providing the evidence that comfirms they protect pedophiles. The rank and file don't know where their donations are really going. Thankfully, I wised up...and to think I made donations I could ill afford!

  • Vidiot
    enoughisenough - They are obstructing justice and being penalized for it, paying out a lot in sanctions for destroying evidence, but it seems less expensive than providing the evidence that comfirms they protect pedophiles.”

    And if they’d rather break the law repeatedly than fess up and face the music, it’s gotta be bad.


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