Who would you vote for Today?

by James Mixon 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • barry
    I liked Ben Carson well educated and smart but then he has a problem with the pyramids and Gay people. I dunno i'm not American we have Tony Abbott an ex Australian prime minister we could loan you Americans. Tony loves the Queen so some of you may get a knighthood. Tony loves giving out those imperial awards you might even get a horse with it.
  • truthlover123

    Have to say the interview tonight on 2020 with the Trump family was very eye opening... he seems to be level headed, driven family man - his family is nice -- the older children were not spoiled - he made time for them when they needed him, even at 5 on the phone, he would stop the board meetings to talk with the kids,,they had to work from ground floor up in the company and earn their way, no drugs, all university educated, well spoken, love their father and the grand kids were the sweetest and they loved him... so to be thought of so highly by your family, there is no amount of money you can put on that success.... even though he has been married three times, he made them all work, all his wives are rich, have their own businesses, and he always supported and pushed the older kids.... who can say what works and what doesn't but he seems to have a "gift" for knowing how to do it.... wish I did with my kid and family....

  • JeffT
    Hillary has this in the bag easily. Everyone knows that right?

    2007 called. It want's its prediction back.

  • Mephis

    There's a time when the clown car stops being funny. Would think it pulling up outside the White House would be one of those. Until then, the whole Trump thing is just hugely amusing to me. People genuinely take him seriously? He says the first thing which comes into his head, which is usually something about how awesome he is and how terrible everyone else is. And then riffs on that until people wander away bored. One day it'll emerge that he has lived his life as a very clever parody of the American Dream in the media age. And at that moment, and not before, I will love him down to the last hair of his toupee. The alternative is that he really is what even a cursory glance of his record and listen to his speeches suggest. Which in itself is comedy I suppose.

    Meh Clinton. But she's a very, very intelligent woman. Calculating and hard. Not my cup of tea, but she's very impressive.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Sanders or Clinton. I really like Sanders and its possible that if he were president he would break the problem of American politics being "lobbyists business as usual". How he would pan out with foreign policy or security is an uneasy uncertainty.

    There is not a single Republican I would go for until they dropped their religious rhetoric.

  • Zoos

    I'm no fan of Hillary but at least she knows how to behave in public.

    While I like many of Trump's ideas (not all, but many), he's a loose cannon. A freak. Do we really want that idiot representing the U.S. to the rest of the world?

    Coming home from work the other day I heard Trump being interviewed on RawDog Comedy, a satellite comedy station. He was asked why some women don't like him. He answered, "They're probably just some old centerfolds I screwed and they were hurt by the massive circumference of my cawk."

    I guess he thought he was being funny. He's an embarrassment.

  • slimboyfat
    Sanders is good but he can't win. Please vote Hillary in the primary. Otherwise it might be Sanders v. Trump and who knows what might happen?
  • truthseeker100
  • oppostate
    the older children were not spoiled - he made time for them when they needed him, even at 5 on the phone, he would stop the board meetings to talk with the kids

    Would Trump put up with any of his underlings stoping a board meeting to talk with their kids? He'd be spouting his favorite phrase "You're fired!" faster than a blink.

    I can't understand how anyone would trust such a megalomaniac.

  • oppostate

    My vote is with Bernie Sanders.

    Social Democrats believe in democracy and distrust rampant abusive forms of capitalism. They are for the welfare of society and the social order under a truly democratic system. What we have in the U.S. is not a true democracy, it is a federalist republic with few restraints on capitalist ideals at the expense of folk's well-being and freedom from greedy corporations and business magnates' control. Trump would turn the U.S. into a third world country. Sanders would approximate the nation to the high standard of living enjoyed by a lot of social democracies in Europe.

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