Elder On Tablet During Prayer

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  • jw07

    During a prayer in the KH all our eyes are supposed to be closed, right? I've never been one to fully my eyes during prayers. I'll close them down, but just enough that I can still peep around at what's happening without being noticed.

    There's something I've noticed a certain elder doing for the second time now. Last night he invited up the assigned brother to pray, and while that was happening he not only started looking around in the congregation, but he was on his tablet for maybe half of the prayer.

    Is this an indication that he doesn't believe and is going through the motions (wishful thinking is that he is posting on this site lol)?

    Is he just 'disrespectful' (just as much as I am I guess)?

    Has anyone else noticed similar behavior among elders during prayer?

  • slimboyfat

    Really hard to get into the heads of others. It could mean he doesn't believe or he could still be a true believer or anywhere in between, to narrow it down to a few possibilities.

    I read a book recently that said the most effective way to work out what someone thinks is to ask them. Imagine trying that in this situation.

    "Brother, recently I've been doubting a lot of what JWs teach, even thinking it might not be the truth at all. And during the prayer I noticed you didn't close your eyes but used your tablet during the prayer. Do I correctly infer from this that you don't really believe what's being taught at the meeting either?"

    Who knows the shock might just prompt an honest reply. But probably not.

  • stillin
    Once I noticed that, I would be watching him during every prayer, hoping to make eye contact.
  • tim3l0rd
    I have the opposite problem. I've been in ASL so long that it feels weird to close my eyes and bow my head during a prayer.
  • prologos
    I like to watch the elder's wife getting all straightened up for the power trip after the closing prayer, all but correcting the lipstick, lashes and powder.
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    Can't an elder watch his favorite porn once in a while without anyone judging him? Sheesh!
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Angry Birds is pretty addictive.
  • RichardHaley
    Bowed head and closed eyes not required but most do it as a sign of humility/respect. Attendants are to remain alert at all times even during prayer. This is emphasized more at larger gatherings like memorial and assemblies. There is a recent article dealing with some of this especially the hugging and holding of hands during prayer. I haven't read it just heard about it on a previous post and looked up the image in the article.
  • NewYork44M
    I wonder if he was playing candy crush? It sounds like he is totally disengaged and is not even pretending.
  • blondie

    He probably said his own prayer already and it was better.


    He knew what the brother was going to say and already said Amen.

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