Museums growing at the branches especially Warwick

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  • BluesBrother

    Yuk! That exhibition was just a trumpet blowing demonstration

    Did I not hear Mark Sanderson claim that this was a multicultural society? Really?

    The Cambridge Dictionary defines that as , " including people of many different customs and beliefs" .. I leave you to decide if that is true of the WTS......

    We went to thev " Show Love Gallery" more trumpet blowing . Why did that title remind me of the Ministry of Love in Orwell's 1984? That building was really an instrument of repression.

    Many many years back I enjoyed Bethel tours. I think I would want to give this one a miss even if I were still in.

  • Vidiot

    Hey, if Ken Ham can do it... 😏

  • redvip2000

    You can almost certainly guarantee that the Org will have donation boxes all over the exhibits with reminders that this is all .."possible because of your donations..." yadda yadda.

    Keep in mind that Bethel has a good amount of steady visitors, and they want to have something to show.

    Sadly even my family is profiting from this. They opened a hotel close to Bethel that relies on about 80% of Bethel visitors to stay in business.

  • OnTheOutside

    To find your way, follow the Yellow Brick Road Blue Ribbon.

  • careful

    I cannot help but think that the huge Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, the product of the multi-millionaire and Evangelical/Fundamentalist Green family (who owns the successful Hobby Lobby chain), has had some role to play in the GB's (and especially Mark Sanderson's) working up some "competition" to it. Likely the GB feel they are the real "defenders of doctrine" (isn't that what Jackson told the ARC?) and therefore must "right the ship" when it comes to Bible museums.

  • Xanthippe
    museum and Bethel in Warwick. This supposed .be evidence of God s guidance.

    It's so easy to lie to ignorant people who've never been anywhere. WTS is always holding up beautiful buildings as evidence of God's blessings.

    By these criteria the RC must be the true religion because of the Vatican. Or the Russian Orthodox church because of St Basil's Cathedral. Or Hinduism, they have amazing carved temples a thousand years old.

    What a stupid assertion. How about we have the truth because all our members are happy, healthy, mentally well adjusted people who are making a difference in the world?

  • smiddy3

    Is their a section in the museum for the failed prophecies ,expectations , evidently`s ,revised history , false dates including two dates for the end of six thousand years of human history late 1800`s and 1975 , flip flops of the Superiour Authorities in Romans ,and the list goes on and on and on .............And not to be downplayed is there claim to have preached in all the inhabited earth , which is not true.

    The bulk of their membership is drawn from the labours of Christendoms missionaries in Christian nations as they poached their fruitage .

    I would hazard a guess that at least a third of the worlds population have never heard of Jehovah`s Witnesses let alone ever been witnessed to .

    Certainly no one in pre-dominant Muslim Countries have ever been witnessed to .

  • respectful_observer

    They could always install an exhibit called "The Light Gets Brighter!"

    The physical setup of the exhibit would be a long hallway you walk through. Along your walk you pass various displays showing how various teaching have changed. At the beginning you'd pass a pretty Christmas tree, a staged birthday party, your walk down the hallway progresses you pass other scenes...refusing vaccines, a dying child refusing a blood transfusion, "Stay Alive 'Til '75!" slogans, a poster of the famous WT cover from the '80s "1914 The Generation That Will Not Pass Away". To ensure the full concept and mood is captured, the lighting will continue to dim, then brighten; dim, then brighten. And of course to ensure peoples' shoes do not damage the floors, they'll have you wear special WT-branded flip flops as you walk through. (Get it...flip flops?)

  • atomant

    and when people near the end of the hallway (tour) top shelf tony will be there handing out nips of macallan whisky with the slogan hey there all you thirsty ones come and drink lifes water free.

  • LV101

    I think the XJWs need to start a reality museum of info re/cult charlatans - WT alone would be amazing. All the scandalous history and corruption - criminal acts against women/children -- even men. It would be fun - get the ex Scientologists, Mormans, etc., in on the deal and enlighten the world.

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