Museums growing at the branches especially Warwick

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  • benny

    I am not sure if this has been discussed but last night mid week meeting about organisational accomplishments really got my goat as the example of the temple was used. People contributed to the building of the Jewish temple and now the museum and Bethel in Warwick. This supposed .be evidence of God s guidance. This puts the project up there with Gods Temple. PRESUMPTEOUS! This is just a museum!

  • keinlezard


    Can I add ... a museum made uniquely to show "how Watchtower is the """""""""real""""""""" discret slave"

    It's not a museum in the assumption that it could be real research of "truth" or "reality" of facts at the manner of

    Museum made for "History"

    It's the "Watchtower way of Life" museum ! and WT rewrite some of his own history ...

    ( beth Sarim, Blood , organs and vaccination .. are not mentionned :( )

    Best Regards

  • benny

    Are we not living at the end of the end!! Why the exhibitions?

  • benny

    Brilliant point keinlezard

  • eyeslice2

    What on earth are they putting in this museum? Presumably, not all the old books and the mad ideas they contained.

  • benny
  • tiki

    Oh good grief. "Museum" is a misnomer. Exhibition...imho

  • nowwhat?

    Many cities have a museum of natural history. This must be a "a revised history" museum! 😂

  • sir82

    I like how the museums are dedicated to displays of Rutherford's & Russell's old books....

    But if any current JW were to actually, you know, read the contents of those books, they would at least be confused, startled, panicked, and quite possibly lose their faith in JWism entirely, considering how absolutely bonkers the "current truth" was in those years.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Instead of a museum, how about a memorial to all those who have died fatally listening to the demands of the organisation by denying themselves their very life by refusing a blood transfusion?

    While we are at it how about a list of all those able people who instead of getting on in the world and helping humankind, chose to devote their life's energy to the Watchtower cult and end up in depression and poverty--disappointed at the failure of WT promises and with nothing to show for their existence on earth?

    Beyond and above mere words, how about some heartfelt compassion Watchtower? -- how about honesty and true humanity instead of your shallow self glorification and lies?

    No, you are not capable of that are you Watchtower?

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