Bible pssssges that are immoral - Lot offering his virgin daughters to be gang raped by homosexual males

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  • ttdtt

    The GB told me to not view or read stories about Sex, Violence, or other things doG hates!
    So I stopped reading the Bible!!

  • ScenicViewer
    ScenicViewer is a great site that has a lot of this compiled and indexed.

    Thanks Rebel8 for the reference. That site is an eye opener.

  • EverApostate
    If the Bible is made as a full length feature film, with every passage interpreted exactly as a scene on the screen, what rating would it get. R, RR, RRR ?
  • FedUpJW

    I once proudly proclaimed to a field serve us group that I was reading a real good book. It had the stories that Hollywood movies are made of. I said it had stories of women seducing men and stabbing them in their sleep, rape, incest, adultery, murder, child sacrifice, humans being thrown into fires to be burned alive, etc. The entire group was horrified. The next meeting I was asked to "visit" with a couple elders in the back room. They informed me that they had been told of my literary interest. Was it true I was reading about those unscriptural subjects? Yes. Then I dropped the bomb. It's the Bible! I love messing with their feeble minds!

  • Chook

    I once said as a comment on the microphone that we shouldn't get to hung up on which movies we watch because if the bible was in movie form we would of all walked out and then I explained to the cong the guy who chopped up the girl into twelve pieces and distributed them among the tribes of Israelites ,and the sexual episodes of sodom. You should have seen the expression on the WT conductors face.

  • Daniel1555

    Jephtah sacrificing his daughter as a "burnt offering."

    Saul and his men having to kill all of the Amalekites. The bible says that "loving" Jhwh even ordered the babies to be killed by the sword.

  • sparky1

    Actually, Lot was trying to show Jehovah his loyalty and devotion to righteous principles. By offering his daughters to the homosexual men he became the first practitioner of "GAY CONVERSION THERAPY".

  • waton
    By offering his daughters to the homosexual men ...s1:

    may be he thought they would be still Virgins after the ordeal, still be able to produce a bloodstained sheet after the wedding night? clever folks those old timers. Not after the escape though.

  • zeb

    Its no wonder at all that the region of land is referred to as the fertile crescent. It has soaked up so much blood and flesh in the years it will grow anything.

    I have just been reading a bible King James and the slaughtering of tribes and they are all relatives and would have known it has set the pattern that continues today. So far I am up to the 2nd book of Samuel and I was tempted when I read of 'another' massacre to read back and note the grisly total.

    and the killing of non virgin girls. How did they know -on your back girl lets look-- if it was by physical inspection well some girls are born with out a hymen so does that mean they were meant to be 'bad' ? again I have to put the question as to why such slaughters were 'needed' or recorded. They haven't stopped subsequent monstrosities' any more than the invention of ultimate weapons have stopped wars.

    If Jehovah didn't like certain tribes why didn't he deal with them and their practices instead of brutalizing the nation of Israel in doing the dirty work.

    coming back to our day the incessant use of the old scriptures as guiding rules/lights/laws only continues the brutality in the abuse of wives and kids by the bastards in the wt at any level who feed on power.

    I must take my meds and go for a walk!

  • Chook

    If you think Lot had problems imagine how many parents would offer their virgin daughters to a single GB member, we've all seen COs marry young offered up daughters.

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