Does christianity induce insanity?

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  • fulltimestudent

    This is happening in Western Australian indigenous communities ...

    Quote: "Some American-based preachers are distributing emails and videos warning that COVID-19 vaccines are evil and the work of Satan, and the notion has infected some Christian communities in the West Australian outback.

    Veteran Aboriginal health worker Kathy Watson said people spreading false information about the COVID-19 vaccination and its links to the devil were "mad"."

    See more at:

  • pistolpete

    Some American-based preachers are distributing emails and videos warning that COVID-19 vaccines are evil and the work of Satan,

    I didn't realize Satan was in the Pharmaceutical business.

    Does Pfizer know this?

  • WTWizard

    The vaccines are evil, but definitely not of Satan. They are the result of all that energy that joke-hova has usurped from all the prayers, bible readings, and church attendance (and yes, that includes the jokehovian witlesses). Evil--not because of the fetal tissue used, but because of all the damage they do to your body. You waste resources producing proteins that create disease, just so your immune system can have experience in dealing with a disease that, on its own, is about as dangerous as an ordinary bee sting.

    Would you go and lather on urushiol so you don't get poison ivy? (This is the chemical that is responsible for the reaction, by the way.) Probably not. Then why would you turn your body into a spike protein factory so you don't get a disease that spike proteins are part of?

    At which point, it would be merely "stupid". However, the evil comes when they censor everyone for trying to tell the truth about it. All the big tech sites pull whole channels because of one video mentioning that vaccines are not all they are cracked up to be. Then, they push mandatory vaccines--that turn your body into a disease factory. You don't get your full series, you don't work, you don't take part in entertainment, you can't get access to your money. And in most countries, they actively seek out people without the vaccine to arrest them and forcibly turn them into spike protein factories. In the end, no one escapes. The ones responsible for this get fake vaccines (saline shots) just for show.

  • WTWizard

    And, as for whether xianity induces insanity, it is insanity. Why follow the archetype of the perfect slave?

  • Simon

    I think religion is a lighting rod for nuts.

  • jhine

    As a Christian l would like to point out that

    A) it's American based opposition to vaccines. not surprising given all the conspiracy theorists there

    B) it's not just religious folks spreading this stuff . See WTWizards post above

    C) religion produces insanity, my friends Napoleon and DaVinci totally agree with me that this is not true .


  • LoveUniHateExams

    There are probably many factors involved in the mental health of West Australian indigenous people.

    What is their mean IQ? Might that also be a factor?

  • punkofnice

    I feel that religion is like politics is like sport. I caveat this with, 'this doesn't apply to everyone'.

    There are those (not everyone, remember), that just want to belong to a tribe. It doesn't matter if that tribe is right or wrong, the belonging is what matters.

    This is why we have the 'woke' tribe. Their religion is to play the victim and find victimhood so that they can virtue signal to each other.

    Soccer and sports fans can feel part of a team. They say things like, 'we played well at this game'. It's a false inclusion of self into hive.

    Politics is celebrities for the ugly.

    You can see why I hate society and everything in it. It's all just us living in someone else's dream. Most things are designed by someone else. The furniture we sit on, the products we consume. We exist in other people's design.

    Having said that, I quite like meringues filled with fresh cream.

  • jhine

    Punk , l could belong to that tribe, if you include choc eclairs.

    Politics, celebrities for the ugly . Ouch . 😂.


  • punkofnice

    Jan - Choc éclairs are fully acceptable in the Church of Sweets and Desserts. Also, you can get some real nice sweets in the Polish deli near me. Diabetes in a box.

    my friends Napoleon and DaVinci

    You've had a sugar rush and are hallucinating. These guys are no longer with us. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

    Anyway, (or 'anyways' with an 's' on the end if you're in America), I really am kind of leaving this society myself. I act at doing all the things 'normal' sheeple do but don't feel part of it.

    This is why I cannot be part of a religion. I think I've done the internal 'alchemy' and declare it all bunkum.

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