A cording to today's wt not speaking to someone is evil

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  • Wild_Thing
    In congregations of Jehovah’s people today, it is very unlikely that we would be treated unjustly

    Haha! I think they mistakenly put the "un" in front of likely!

  • ScenicViewer

    Thank you StephaneLaliberte, who posted:

    9 In South America, Olga proved loyal to God by showing respect for her husband even under trying circumstances. For years, he expressed annoyance at her for being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He abused her emotionally, insulted her, refused to speak to her, and threatened to take the children and leave her. But Olga did not return evil for evil. - WT Study, February 2016, page 23

    This article points to how bad it is to cut someone off by giving them the silent treatment over nothing more than a religious view, but notice the double standard on the wife's part.

    In the same paragraph quoted above it says...

    When possible, she accompanied him to gatherings of his family or colleagues. For example, when he wanted to go to another city for the funeral of his father, she got the children ready and prepared everything needed for the trip. She waited for her husband at the church door until the ceremony ended.

    Wasn't Olga, who was being shunned by her non-Witness husband over religious beliefs, doing the same thing to everyone that didn't agree with her? The paragraph says "She waited for her husband at the church door until the ceremony ended."

    What? She wouldn't go inside to be with her husband at his father's funeral? Why not? The article doesn't mention it, but no doubt it was over religious beliefs, she did not agree with what would be said in the church so she waited by the door.

    The article claims that "Olga did not return evil for evil," but apparently she did. She gave her husband the same rejection that he was giving her, and both were doing it over nothing more than religious beliefs.

    If Jehovah's Witnesses can't see the double standards promoted by the Watchtower organization it's because they have willfully chosen not to see it. Such obvious contradictions as this leave me shaking my head, wondering how blind people can be.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    "No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family." -- AWAKE!, July 2009, page 29.

    Oft quoted but e'er relevant declaration from Jehovah's own channel . . .


  • StephaneLaliberte
    This is what I love about this forum, always someone who brings up something I missed. You're right. She didn't go to her father in-law's funeral !!! How low can you go. There is nothing in the WT that prevents someone to go to a non-witness funeral. Even an elder would not loose his privileges over this; the limit is simply not taking part in the ceremony. Still all that won't stop them from emphasising experiences of those who acted like monumental jerks.
  • Dunedain

    It actually is MORE disrespectful, and a slap in the face, to literally go to the place the funeral is being held, but NOT even have the decency to walk thru the door and pay your respect.

    It is like you are saying to everyone, " hey notice ME, but YOU are worthless to me". Hippocrates at their worst, that's what the JWs are.

  • alcyone

    It is disgusting to see that double moral standard...

    If "they" (i.e. worldly people, members of the harlot, mentally sick apostates, opposers, ...) do something it is bad.

    When "we" (i.e. God's clean org.) do the same, it is a big difference, because we are THE TRUTH!

  • stuckinarut2


    Such arrogance they have by not seeing the irony in those statements!

    Classic hypocrisy!

    But, I guess when you think you are gods special channel, then such logic doesnt apply.

  • ignored_one
    I've hardly had much contact with my father's family over the years. He became a JW after his younger sister joined. I suspect his preaching to them every time he saw them probably became too much. They still came to the funeral / infomercial of my aunt's non-JW husband. Didn't come along to the house afterwards, but I realise now the likely reason why.
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    "It actually is MORE disrespectful, and a slap in the face, to literally go to the place the funeral is being held, but NOT even have the decency to walk thru the door and pay your respect."

    It's astonishing that this is held up as exemplary conduct, to be emulated rather than to be deplored as intolerance.

  • raven
    I am continuing to realize the real truth about all of this, I remember reading the experience of Olga- I didn't think twice about what kind of abuse she returned to the husband by not going in to attend her father in-laws funeral service buy standing outside.. This is because I was under mind control, and robotic thinking... Makes you think deeper when you come to your senses and realize the hypocrisy of the org.. Upsetting...

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