Who are the 144,000?

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  • Canadian Sunshine
    Canadian Sunshine

    If I am understanding correctly only 144,000 will go to heaven, to be with Jesus and help rule? These 144,000 are witnesses only. There is over a million JW world wide, what happens to the rest of the faithful followers. Do the rest of the JW go to heaven but not see Jesus?
    Who are the anointed? Are they here on earth? How do you become anointed? Who says if your anointed or not?
    Lastly, what about Christians from other denominations where will they go? Christians that believe in Jesus, the bible .. what happens to them?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so--i take it youre not a jehovah's witness then ?

  • waton

    A really mixed up bible story, out of which the wt has drawn wrong conclusions because

    to rule with Christ, go where he goes, you have to be

    1) a male virgin: Rev 14, (perhaps Fredrick Franz would qualify, but also

    2) be killed for Christ's sake by the axe, Rev 20. which counts him out, FF pushing Jesus into the background in favour of J no. 1, and dying in a Brooklyn bed.

    Martyrs have been overlapping since Stephen. wt has nothing to do with it.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Who are the 144000? Some are people that should be in a mental institution, I sh--t you not....

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I'll take a quick shot for you. This is the abridged version

    Do the rest of the JW go to heaven but not see Jesus?
    Those faithful JWs and actually everyone who dies prior to the start of Armageddon (with some specific exceptions that aren't really material) are scheduled to be resurrected during the literal Millennial reign of Jesus directly after Armageddon. These ones have to face a final test after the 1,000 years when Satan and the demons are released from the abyss they are placed in during the battle of Armageddon. Any who follow them are destroyed forever. Any who die (which includes all non-JWs and any JWs like me who are but don't believe a word of their BS) at Armageddon are destroyed forever.
    Who are the anointed? Are they here on earth? How do you become anointed? Who says if your anointed or not?
    It's one of the least understood things about JWism. Interesting, prior to 1935, all JWs were considered anointed.That's the year the came up with the "earthly" class of Christians when they realized that 144,000 literal number including all the Christians in the 1st Century wasn't going to work out for them. It's a "conviction" an individual has. Also, in order to be on the Governing Body which are the top leaders of the religion, you have to be anointed. So, some recent appointees suddenly go their calling a few years before being promoted. The number of anointed (yes, they measure everything) has gone up in recent years which flies in the face of their doctrine. No explanation has been given.
    Lastly, what about Christians from other denominations where will they go? Christians that believe in Jesus, the bible .. what happens to them?

    Either they die prior to Armageddon or they are killed by Jesus and the angry angles. JWs believe they are the only "real" Christians. Everyone else is part of false religion.

    Let's review, its a cult!

  • dubstepped

    You seem to have a ton of questions. Something that might help you is to listen to my 9 part series called This JW Life. You can listen on iTunes or wherever you like (Google Play, other podcast apps). You can also stream directly from my site at thisjwlife.com. I think it would help present everything in one package for you. I make no money on it, there's no ulterior motives, I just shared to help people understand that life.

  • Dunedain

    They are the "made" guys who eat the cookies and drink the milk, when its passed around. They cannot be whacked unless you have a "sit down" first with the Boss.

  • Crazyguy

    To answer your question, I believe the 144k represent the Jewish converts to Christianity and the other Sheep talked about in the gospels are the gentiles. Both groups are gathered in heaven before the throne of god as stated at chapters 7,14,19 of Revelations. These also join to together r with resurrected ones mentioned at chapter 5 and in verses 9-10 are said to reign on earth as priests . This is in reference to an older scripture I believe in Deuteronomy which says something to the effect of, the nation of Israel is a holy nation of royal priests’ .

    The JWs I believe to make for themselves a laity class made the 144k a special group that go to heaven to rule as kings over the great crowd now residing on earth. Of course the leaders are always of the 144k . This can easily be proven wrong because again the scriptures at Revelations 5:9-10 in the Greek clearly state they will not rule and are not kings and are on the earth.

    It can also be shown that the great crowd is in heaven using the Bible but again the JWs change the meaning of the Greek word Naos so they can claim the crowd is in the earth.

  • Listener

    They state that those of the 144,000 who have already died, were resurrected sometime after 1914 and may be conveying messages to the Governing Body. The number will be complete at the time of the Great Tribulation and the rest, or remnant, will all be in heaven before Armageddon.

    Anyone who died before Jesus are not part of the 144,000.

    The Watchtower does not explain how anointed ones know they have been chosen to rule with Christ in heaven other than generic statements like 'they know beyond doubt' and you're not supposed to ask.

  • lemonjuice

    The anointed are those with tongues of fire on their heads. Book of acts puts it that way. Maybe because they are hot headed or whatever I don't know. However the Israelite Kings were anointed with oil and these modern anointed ones are supposed to be be future Kings also. Yeah some publications in JWs land shows them with tongues of fire. Which explains why they go through a baptism of fire. Problem is despite being Kings some are more important Kings then others and these are called discreet Slaves. The slaves today live in Warwick ... Appropriate name for their headquarters as they also claim to be ones who will fight a War against Governments and tie up the Devil in chains in some deep abyss in an unknown place in the universe for 1K years. Apart from their belligerence and royalty they are famous for remembering pacts with blood and flesh that they drink in the form of wine and bread once a year while millions observe them silently.

    Their numbers were dwindling in the past but there has been a recent resurgence... We're all on the watch for an explanation from the Warwick slave group on the reasons for this. And of course much more can be said ... but this is just the introduction.

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