Hee Haw was not clean

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  • The Real Edward Gentry
    The Real Edward Gentry

    So, my son bought me a device that allows me to look up and watch anything I want. I remember years ago , I enjoyed the television show Hee Haw on Sunday evenings. I naively thought it was wholesome family entertainment. I was wrong.

    The HEE HAW show debuted back in 1969 and ran weekly for more than 20 years. HEE HAW was one of the most godless and evil television shows ever produced; yet, many Christians watched it regularly because Roy Clark, Buck Owens, and others, sang a Gospel song towards the end of each show. During the rest of the show, much of what you saw was women's breasts exposed, women laying in suggestive positions, dirty jokes, women wearing miniskirts, women being sensual, women and men flirting with each other, men looking at women. It wasn't just clean fun. There's nothing "clean" about lasciviousness.

    Only God knows the number of victims, and God DOES know! Do you know what "lasciviousness" is? It is unhealthy sexual desire that causes people to commit sexual sins. Shows like HEE HAW lead men into adultery, fornication, and every other sexual sin imaginable.

    I call these types of people "entertainment Christians." Such people speak like Christians; but live like heathens. They sing Gospel songs; while drinking booze, chasing women, cursing God, and living like fools. They are phonies. They never tell a lost sinner how to gain eternal life. They have been choked by the cares and riches of this world.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Hee Haw is hardly the cause of moral degradation of the free world. I would suggest hiding in your bunker without television if Hee Haw has you this tangled up.

  • cofty

    Nobody can be that much of a sanctimonious buffoon.

    I am going to pay you the respect of assuming you are a troll. Just not a very witty one.

  • _Morpheus
  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Whatever you do don't watch Benny Hill show made in the 1970's. Still Totally ADD

  • Giordano

    Well first you have to blame God if you believe he created man and women and our natural sexual nature .

    We enjoy a well put together natural body, we take a natural interest in breasts.......... ever since breast feeding .

    We also have the ability to enjoy music and find some jokes hilarious. It's good to sing and to laugh.

    What's not natural is presuming that you can speak for any of our silent gods. The Christian god is a hater in the Old Testament he drowned a world .......... Including the unborn. In the NT he starts off allowing his son to be crucified and ends with Armageddon and the death of 8 billion people.

    And here you are yapping about HEE HAW.

  • redpilltwice

    I never heard of that show but gave a thumbs up for entertainment value anyway.

  • sparky1

    Hey Ed.......remember the Hee Haw All Girl 'Jug' Band? I hope you don't 'spray your shorts' whenever they come on the show.

  • Londo111

    I used to watch this show with my grandparents as a kid. You are making me nostalgic.

    And now I want to watch this series to catch all the stuff that you mentioned...as a kid, I didn't pick up on any of that. :)

  • Magnum

    Dude, I still can't figure you out. Are you a troll, a nut, or what? If you're serious, then you need to aim your concerns in a completely different direction. There are and have always been extreme suffering and horrors in the world. If there is a loving god, then I hope Hee Haw is at the bottom of his list of things to worry about.

    If you're trolling, then you have too much free time. Get a life. Go volunteer at an animal rescue facility.

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