Gas prices today & the book study

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  • LevelThePlayingField
    We all remember, one of the main reasons for removing the bookstudy was the high gas prices, well, have you looked at the gas prices today? Nationwide, the lowest is about $1.65, the highest is about $2.67. Isn't that right about the same gas prices as when they cancelled the bookstudy in the first place? So if that's right, then we have gone full circle.
  • Dunedain

    Actually, i think the gas prices were even a bit higher, when they first cancelled the book studies. Based on that logic, since the gas prices are even cheaper now, why havent they reintroduced it?

    Personally, i think the WTS realised that they were getting "nothing" out of the book study arrangement. There were no contribution boxes at the home book studies, that 90 % of the congregation went to. So the WTS probably figures, instead of having the R&F "waste" ANY money going to the book study, where there is NO chance of money going into a contribution box, they would cancel it, and have the R&F "save" that money, so it has a better chance of going into a contribution box in the Kingdom halls.

    Its funny, too, how it used to be part of someones "reinstatement process", that they attended ALL the meetings that they could, to "measure spirituality". The Elders would say, "you should go to the Sunday meeting, the weekly ministry school meeting, AND even the BOOK STUDY that was held at the Kingdom hall. This, in the Elders eyes, showed how much you REALLY cared about being spiritual, and reinstated. Then one day, they just completely do away with the weekly book study. YET, that meeting used to be a "barometer" for spirituality/reinstatement.

    AND, why in these "last days", when things should be ramping up, and our spiritual "food" should be increasing, and more important, would they completely do away with MORE spiritual food. I guarantee, cause it did NOT increase the WTS "revenues". It was an "unneccessary" meeting to the GB, and didnt fill the contribution boxes. It shows what they REALLY care about, and it is NOT the flocks spirituality, thats evident.

  • hoser
    It was a poorly supported meeting and it was hard to find someone who would have it in their home.
  • 3rdgen
    It was a fertile ground for pedophiles.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Whether Watchtower admits it or not, everybody knows the cancelation of the home bookstudy was to reduce opportunity and liability for child sexual abuse.
  • nicolaou
    Here in the UK I'm paying £1.10 per litre for diesel. That's $7.62 per gallon. Just saying . .
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Having it drummed into us how important ALL the meetings were imagine my surprise upon moving to Spain that many meetings were cancelled.

    Jah's holy spirit just couldn't get that all important literature to us and often there were no available speakers for the Sunday public talk so we all got to go to the local "cafe" or the beach an hour earlier.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Here in the UK I'm paying £1.10 per litre for diesel. That's $7.62 per gallon. Just saying . .

    $1.69/gal her. You're obviously living in the wrong place and over taxed.


  • Dunedain
    I am paying $1.85, on average, where i am in NJ, United States, and thats with FULL service. New Jersey is like one of the only states left, where there is ONLY full service, NO self serve, lol. Thats why NO chicks from NJ, know how to pump their own gas, lol.
  • 3rdgen

    Nic, good point. The WTBT$ has never lost any sleep worrying about hardships of those outside the USA. It was NEVER about gas prices. What, they LIED????? Yeah, I don't think the society thought the truth would go over too well.

    Imagine sitting at the KH and hearing the letter read....

    Dear Brothers,

    It has come to our attention that there is an ever increasing number of pedophiles among us. Since the Congregation Book Study is a place where there are greater opportunities for these pervs to groom and molest their victims, we will discontinue this meeting as of next week.

    Please be assured that this decision was made out of our Christian love for the brotherhood and NOT because we are getting our asses sued off.

    Your brothers,

    The Legal Department

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