Russia to liquidate Jehovah's Witnesses' organization

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  • processor
  • schnell

    That last paragraph, though:

    However Jehovah’s Witnesses are a peaceful group who hold their worship in the open and denounce all sorts of religious extremism. They believe in the Bible which also encourages them to respect secular authority. It is now left to the world to appeal to President Vladimir Putin to halt this attempt to wipe out witnesses from Russia/
  • nicolaou

    No doubt many will crow about this but it really isn't good news at all. Firstly, there are principles bigger than our antipathy to the Watchtower, free speech, censorship and government interference for starters

    And of course, this will only reinforce the persecution complex among JWs worldwide.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I've seen videos of Pentecostal churches demolished in Russia by the government. Vladimer Putin has made the Russian Orthodox church the official religion (Even though he has allowed Sharia and polygamous marriage in Chechnya!!!).

    What is done to the Witnesses is not acceptable since it can be - is being - done to many religions.

    In Russia they cannot have a prayer group in a person's own home and those who do are in fear of the authorities finding out.

  • Hairtrigger

    " ...denounce all sorts of religious extremism..."

    Are these guys for real. Effing deluded bastards practice a religion that gets most of its fanaticism from desert dwellers who perished more than 4000 years ago, predict fantasies that never materialize, deal in lies ,half truths and fabricated interpretations of a book that is full of contradictions, practice negative reinforcement to keep their slaves in line and have the kahunas to claim they don't practice religious extremism.

    Effing disease_brained idiots !

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I added the following comment to their article:

    Due to their shunning policy, I do not believe you can call this group a “peaceful” group. Still, banning them is probably the worst way to tackle the issue.

    PS: They shun their close friends and family members when they leave their organization. For instance, a kid, raised a JW, baptized as one at 13, will loose all contacts with all of his friends and JW family the day he questions the “faithful slave”. Considering that they disfellowship about 1% of their members every year, this makes them a cult and consequently harmful.

  • schnell

    Is there a more credible source for this news than something like "star connect media"?

  • notsurewheretogo

    Russia ban them...its Gog starting his attack folks...UN will get involved...its the start of the Great Tribulation...who is laughing now eh?

    You all thought that bunker video was funny, not so funny now is it? Sorry, no room for you are all bird food...

  • DJS

    I checked the Star connect Media home page. There are so many problems with this OP and this website, which takes about 30 seconds to figure out, that the poster of this should do a meal culpa. First, the story is a reprint from Jan. 2014 - see the date on the story. Second, they can't even use the correct form of loses (they used losses).

    Putin Losses Bid to Ban Jehovah's Witness'

    Russian Witnesses singing in their Kingdom Hall[/caption]Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are rejoicing over failure of the Vladimir Putin-led Russian Government to ban, the principle we... Read more

  • schnell
    Then until we get a credible source, this is an online ex-JW equivalent of "Made ya look."

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