Dear Syrian Refugees

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    Umm, the turbans are worn by Sikhs, who are NOT MUSLIM.

    Talesin, some Muslim men wear turbans. You can distinguish them from Sikh turbans by the way they wear it.

    Below, a Sikh man. His turban is peaked on his forehead.

    One style of Muslim turban.

  • prologos
    so looking at those turbans, there are 4 with such top headgear in the new 31 member cabinet in Canada. that is 13 % for a group that makes up an astonishing 1.4% of the population. Is this 10 fold advantage of newcomers a sign of more to come? With sound fertility rates and extended family reunification (uncle just arrived), wait until the lower turban wearers starts voting en bloc too. A melting pot with a hardcore surface at the top only. compound interest of the majority? so, if JWs lived in ghettos and voted strategically, could they have had 4 Truth-d'eau cabinet ministers too?
  • bobld


    There was no country until the Europeans settled the land and called it Canada.The natives had tens of thousands of years to settled the land and establish a nation with their own laws.Than we would be obligated to follow their laws.


    Bad bad bobld.

    Sikhism was founded 500 years ago by a man and their core beliefs were shaped by his successsors.Why should we kowtow to some man's belief.If you want to follow the dictates of some man that is your prerogative.

    One sikh had the right attitude when he wanted to play football.He took off his turban and tied up his hair so he could put on a football helmut.Smart kid.

  • Ruby456

    we, in our own locality, have begun to take in a small number of Syrian refugees from refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. thought I'd share the good news. I don't know what they will make of our calamities with flooding in Cumbria though - and more flooding expected.

    re climate change - surely there must be a way to pipe water to Syria and Iraq like they pipe oil to others once civil war has settled? the number of people who have died is astronomical - they could have formed a human chain from the glaciers to Syria and Iraq to convey water

  • Vidiot
    You know, I don't think redneck Americans wouldn't mind if Syrian refugees came to Canada, either.
  • prologos

    For the other side of the coin go to BBC report on the monstrous situation in Cologne and Hamburg created by some migrant elements. --One of the "left", political leaders there now realizes that to best help the refugees is to give massive aid of all kind to accommodate, protect the victims in the adjacent areas to those conflicts Have you read about the rapes, indignities that the woman are subject to on their trek from syria, and the adjoining countries, that are not at war at all? to the "safe" heavens in the north of Europe? and even there they are not safe in the shelters. so:

    bravo for Canada to bring across a selected few, as sponsored immigrants, even if the local small businesses might not be enchanted about the subsidized competition. If I ruled the world, I would deploy our all resources to protect the woman and children, using lethal force, and let the men over there act out their insanity.

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